Why Dogs Need Variety in Their Food

Rotational Feeding Gives Them the Nutrition They Need

It’s long been the advice of choice to put your dog on one food and keep her on it for her lifetime. But what if that isn’t exactly accurate? It is true that dogs who have been fed the same food for many years can experience stomach upset when abruptly changing their diet. But it is also true that feeding them the same meat and other ingredients day after day means your dog is not getting the wide range of amino acids and nutrients necessary for optimum health.

Can You Switch Older Dogs to Rotational Feeding?

While starting your dog on rotational feeding early in their lives is the best choice, older dogs can still adjust quickly and reap the benefits of an influx of new nutrients. If you’re considering switching your more senior dog to rotational feeding, some food brands work better than others.

NutriSource has created their foods with rotational feeding in mind.

“Most feeding guides and veterinarians will suggest a five to seven day period of adjustment for your dog where their old food is gradually phased out,” says Marketing Director Adam Martodam. “This is not always the case with NutriSource foods and often your dog can be fed the new food as soon as you bring it home from the store.” However, if you’ve been feeding your dog supermarket brand foods, it may be wise to transition her a little more slowly. “It likely won’t take as long as you might think, though.”

Prebiotics and Probiotics Help

Besides well-researched, quality ingredients, NutriSource also includes nutrients beneficial to your dog’s stomach that help with easy transition from one protein and carbohydrate source to another. The innovative Good 4 Life system supplies all the prebiotics and probiotics your dog needs to build a healthy gut that easily shifts from food to food.

“The probiotics and prebiotics help with mineral absorption and support your dog’s immunity by producing natural antibiotics and antifungals in the gut for optimal health,” Adam says.

How Often Should You Switch Your Dog’s Food?

“Ideally, you should change your dog’s food every day, switching up the proteins as you go,” Adam says. To keep your dog’s food fresh, buying smaller bags, each with a different protein source, goes a long way toward keeping her healthy and happy.

While NutriSource bags are designed to keep food fresher, longer, it’s always wise to invest in tightly lidded food storage containers. Just roll the bag closed, and place it in the container.

With a wide range of protein options available, including turkey, chicken, beef, trout and salmon, as well as novel meats like lamb, boar and duck, your dog will be excited to see what’s on the menu every meal. After all, variety is the spice of life, and rotational feeding is healthier too!

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