Food as Medicine: Go Beyond Kibble with Chi Dog

Are you worried that kibble isn’t healthy enough for your dog? There are convenient alternatives formulated according to Food Therapy that nourish your pup and help eliminate allergies and other health problems caused by imbalances.

Do you ever look at a bag of kibble and think: “How can that be a healthy food for my dog?” If you’re a dog parent who’s concerned about what you feed your pooch, you’re not alone! And I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to feed your dog better! You can feed your pup fresh, lightly cooked food based on Food Therapy that’s just as easy as kibble but far superior in terms of quality, nutrition, and healthfulness!

The Problem with Kibble

Many veterinarians recommend prescription kibble and diets as a solution to skin allergies, sensitive stomachs, dental issues, kidney problems, and more. In fact, I used to prescribe these same diets to my own patients in my practice!

But then I started to wonder how dry, processed, high-carbohydrate kibble could possibly be good for my patients when processed foods high in carbohydrates aren’t good for us? Here’s the thing: kibble is a processed food, and processed food is pro-inflammatory. In other words, kibble can lead to:

  • Increased risk of cancers
  • Obesity
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions

Food Therapy Is a Better Way to Feed Our Dogs

Even as a vet, I had trouble finding information and research about healthful diets beyond kibble. But then I stumbled on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the discipline of Food Therapy. Just as Chinese Medicine doctors have learned what acupuncture needles go where to produce specific outcomes, so too have they learned the effects of different foods on the body.

Food Therapy uses whole foods to correct imbalances in the body, and it works for dogs too! I soon realized a dog’s food can also be their medicine! When you correct imbalances, you get amazing results:

  • Dogs with skin allergies finally improve after years of slowly getting worse.
  • Obese dogs who can’t lose weight finally start to drop the extra pounds.
  • Picky dogs start eating regularly.
  • Dogs with IBD and pancreatitis finally eat well and feel good.

The Birth of Chi Dog

As soon as I realized the benefits of Food Therapy, I started teaching my clients how to cook healing recipes at home for their dogs using specific whole foods, and the results were incredible.

But I knew home cooking for every dog, every day wasn’t going to work for most pet parents, so I launched Chi Dog to bring home-cooked Food Therapy meals right to your dog’s door! Since then, I’ve had many happy patients share stories of how Food Therapy has saved their dogs by improving appetite, reducing tummy troubles, and even helping pups fight cancer.

Visit Chi Dog to learn more about how Food Therapy can help dogs struggling with an imbalance and provide the highest-quality nutrition possible for your pup!

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