5 Things You MUST Consider Before Getting a Dog!

When you decide to add a four-legged member to your family, it’s easy to get caught up in new puppy excitement and want to bring home the first cute doggo you see! But it’s better for you and your pup if you take the time to consider five important factors first.

Before getting a new dog, you’ll have to think about your lifestyle, budget, the size of your house, and more. Otherwise, your family might not be able to meet the pup’s needs. Not sure where to start? These are the five factors you need to consider when you want to add a pooch to your family.

1. Getting a New Dog that Matches Your Current Lifestyle

Dogs have varying exercise needs and abilities. If you’re active and hiking steep mountains every weekend, then a brachycephalic pug might not be a wise choice. Alternatively, if you prefer spending quiet time at home, then choose someone that loves cuddles more than marathon runs.

Consider what different dogs were bred to do, but remember that each dog is unique. Try to get to know a pup before you bring them home. You might get a bulldog that loves adventuring or an Australian cattle dog that’s happy being a couch potato.

2. The Size of Your Home and Property

Dogs take up space, and big dogs take up more space than small dogs. Some dogs want to run around a yard while others are content on an apartment patio. You don’t want to end up with a dog that needs more space than you can provide—it’s not fair to either of you.

3. Research Potential Health Concerns

Some breeds are prone to certain health problems and diseases. Knowing what they are can help you plan. Large-breed dogs tend to have joint problems. Some small breeds have heart problems. Other breeds are prone to things like bloat, cancer, or allergies. For older dogs and seniors, look into their specific medical needs. Getting a new dog with health issues may require extra work and a bigger budget, but they’ll give just as much love!

4. Your Finances

Getting a new dog requires a financial commitment, and you have to budget accordingly to provide the care they need and deserve. Different dogs have unique needs based on breed, health, size, etc., so some dogs can be more expensive than others. Here are a few things that can impact the budget you’ll need for your dog:

  • Medical and veterinary care
  • Doggy daycare/boarding
  • Quantity of food
  • Size of their crate, bed, or toys

5. Preparing for Possible Life Changes

Life is always throwing us curveballs, and life events can drastically change our circumstances. Marriage, kids, housing, jobs—all these things cause major life changes. Being prepared can mean you’re ready to tackle those changes and keep the dog you brought into your family.

Preparing to Be Your Dog’s Hero

Getting a new dog is a big responsibility, but the right tools and training can go a long way. At Heather’s Heroes, we make dog-approved products that make it easier for humans and dogs to build strong relationships.

Visit Heather’s Heroes today and learn how to become your dog’s hero.

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