Best Portable Dog Fences: Reviews & Buyers Guide

portable dog fences

Let’s say your family wants to plan a day at the park, a drive across the country, or a camping trip. Whatever the scenario, you would like to feel secure knowing your dog is safe and sound. 

Leashing your dog is useful sometimes, or keeping them in a small crate, but that often becomes impossible. Here’s where a portable dog fence becomes a must-have for the furry friend in your life.

The best portable dog fence provides pets freedom of movement and a chance to get fresh air without getting lost or injured. 

Certain types are suited for both indoors and out, while others are designed specifically for outdoor use. Some portable dog fence choices work for camping trips or road trips. A dog fence for camping provides your dog with its own space. So both you and your pets are content and worry-free. 

Virtual Fences (So Much Easier To Use)

A virtual dog fence is sometimes called a wireless dog fence or an invisible fence. A virtual fence differs from a traditional portable dog fence in a few ways, mainly because they are only suitable for outdoor use. 

A virtual fence uses perimeter wire, a transmitter, and a dog boundary collar instead of metal or plastic panels to keep your dog inside a designated area. 

It is a versatile system that works for small dogs and large dogs alike. It’s not a great dog fence for camping, but it is much easier to transport than a big, physical fence. 

Halo Dog Collar – #1 Virtual Dog Fence 

portable dog fence

Brothers Ken and Michael Ehrman founded Halo, along with world-famous dog expert Cesar Milan. Halo focuses on safety with a passion, and the company goal is preventing safety issues before they happen versus notifying you after the fact. 

Their dog collar measures 11 inches to 30.5 inches to fit a small dog and bigger dogs too. The innovative collar combines GPS trackers, a training collar, and a wireless dog fence in one device. 


  • Halo provides a guidance system for lost dogs to bring them home safely. 
  • Halo is portable so you can use it almost anywhere
  • Keeps track of your dogs exercise and activity levels. 


  • The system is expensive, costing hundreds of dollars
  • On top of the high price tag, there is an additional monthly subscription fee

>Best Pricing on the Halo Dog Collar<<

SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence – Best Overall

portable dog fence

SponOn aims to provide its customers with the most advanced, next-generation GPS dog fences without a single perimeter wire. Instead, they use True Location™ GPS technology.

With SpotOn, you can create your custom fence. You pick the size, shape, and details. Then you simply walk the boundary line with your phone or draw the boundary using your mobile app. It’s ridiculous how easy it is to create a customized virtual fence in no time. 

They provide professional training videos so you can start building, saving, and editing multiple virtual fences like a pro in no time. You will love the convenience of turning them on and off with a few swipes of your finger. 

Collar sizes range from 10 inches to 26 inches. They are perfect for toy breeds, small animals, and even large dogs. 


  • Provides instant alerts and real-time tracking if your dog leaves the perimeter 
  • Rechargeable batteries can last up to 22hrs 
  • Friends and family members can use the app to help take care of your dogs 


  • Portable pet fence and GPS is only available to AT&T or Verizon customers
  • A sophisticated level of training is necessary 
  • SpotOn has an expensive price tag (financing is available)

>>Visit The Official SpotOn Website<<

Physical Portable Dog Fences

Physical fences are traditional models of portable fences. A physical portable fence is sometimes called a play yard, an exercise pen, a camping dog fence, or a temporary dog fence. 

Portable fences allow pet owners to provide an enclosed space for their dogs, either as a temporary fence or for daily use. 

They are usually made of metal or plastic and give pets a safe space to play, stretch, and enjoy the outside air. 

Yaheetech Playpen (Most Popular Portable Fence For Camping)

portable dog fences

Yaheetech is a company that prides itself on impressive designs, fine craftsmanship, and the use of quality design materials in its popular dog playpen models. Yaheetech provides portable dog fence models with strength, durability, and sleek design. 

You won’t have to worry about the iron rusting or bending or your pets injuring themselves on sharp edges, thanks to safe rounded edges. The playpen features reinforced steel with impressive welding and a powder spray coating that prevents rust. 

The playpen is incredibly versatile and can work as an outdoor portable dog fence or a camping dog fence. It also works well as an indoor portable dog fence. The fence panels connect by pins, so you won’t struggle to move it from inside to outside and vice versa. 


  • A very affordable price tag
  • Lots of size options for fence panels (anywhere from eight panels to thirty-two panels)
  • Thirty-two-panel option works if you need a large fence 


  • A sturdy metal fence is also very heavy and troublesome if you are traveling alone 
  • The hinge on the dog door panel can be somewhat troublesome to open and close 

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Amazon Basics Playpen 


This versatile indoor/outdoor pet pen has a dog door and eight panels. Once assembled, it creates a 16-square food enclosure with tons of space so your dog can enjoy exercise and playtime safely anywhere you go. 

It is held together by thumb clips, ground anchors, and durable iron wires. The construction helps you rest easy about the security of your dog. No more worrying if the pen will bend, break, or give way! 

The swinging door closes with 2 locking slide-bolt latches to ensure it stays firmly closed and your beloved pets don’t escape. 

You won’t spend hours with a frustrating assembly process because no tools are required. All you have to do is unfold it, shape it and connect your panels. This easy assembly makes it the perfect dog fence for camping or road trips. 

It works best for small or medium breeds, so if your dog is over 20 inches it’s better to look for a taller portable dog fence just to be safe. 


  • Available in small/medium/large sizes for all your portable fence needs
  • Metal panels are pre-connected and unfold accordion style for a painless assembly
  • The most affordable pick on the list


  • Smaller breeds might find it easier to escape due to fence design
  • “Rustproof” metal is not all that rustproof

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FXW Dog Playpen 


The FXW dog playpen is a portable dog fence that provides your doggo with a secure environment. So you can relax and enjoy your time with them instead of worrying about their safety. 

The FXW dog fence is designed with rounded tops to keep your dog’s claws safe from serious injury. The sturdy rods can be easily inserted into the ground to provide lots of stability so that even heavier dogs cannot collapse it. 

The advanced gravity-actioned locking mechanism lets you open and close the door with no hassle and keeps dogs from unlocking their doors and escaping. 

No more chasing your beloved dog down the street before work or after their midnight potty break.

The dog fence features a powder coating so you don’t have to worry about rust and the elements. It works great as an RV pet fence, a camping dog fence, or just a moveable fence in your backyard.


  • The rod-connected design makes it super easy to assemble and pack away your dog fence
  • The amazing customer service team is available to answer any questions or concerns 
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry but still incredibly sturdy 


  • A faint rattling noise can be slightly annoying once the fence is assembled
  • There is a 50% restocking fee taken out of any refund payment

>>Check Today’s Price on Amazon<<

Bosely Heavy Duty Dog Exercise Fence 

These rust and weather-resistant playpens are great choices for a portable dog fence. They are made from heavy-duty materials that won’t let you down even when your dogs get to jumping on them. 

You don’t need tools to assemble a Bosely exercise fence and you will be thankful for the flat folding storage feature. The portable dog fence comes with 16 panels, all of which are foldable and will serve you well as a dog fence for camping, a road trip, or at the local park. 

It comes with easy-to-read instructions so you won’t have to decipher a bunch of confusing diagrams trying to assemble the portable fence. 


  • The waterproof finish protects against the elements and makes it easy to clean
  • Impressive maneuverability after assembly for convenient placement in outdoor settings
  • Customer support is very responsive, usually within 24 hours


  • This portable dog fence is not suitable for larger dogs/animals
  • It will not work indoors either

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BestPet Dog Playpen 

playpenBestPet provides a sturdy portable dog fence with multiple configurations to suit any situation, indoors or out. This durable puppy playpen is ideal for pet lovers who want to feel secure about their dog’s well-being without keeping them locked up in a crate. 

BestPet’s dog fence is made from materials that can withstand the test of time. The fences are rust-resistant and easy to assemble. There are no tools required in the assembly process so you don’t have to worry about having the right equipment. 

When you need to store it or move it, the playpen collapses with ease. This means you won’t have to stress about packing it up for a camping trip or outdoor quality time. 


  • Designed to be highly versatile in any situation (indoor or outdoor)
  • Multiple configurations allow you to design the best fit anywhere
  • Comes in multiple heights so you can keep multiple pets inside the fence


  • Must return the product via expensive air mail to receive a refund
  • The door panel might be a bit difficult to open and close with some fences

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IRIS USA Dog Playpen


The Iris USA dog playpen is a portable dog fence that’s great for training, exercise, or playtime indoors or outdoors. The heavy-duty plastic fence is easy to assemble and comes with secure interlocking panels as well as sturdy connecting rods. 

The playpen provides you with more than 21 square feet of secure space for your dog to roam free while you enjoy stress-free quality time with family members (both furry and human.)

No matter if your doggo is large, medium, or small, you can use the Iris USA portable dog fence to keep your pets safe and happy. You can house other small pets inside the dog fence, like guinea pigs, cats, and rabbits. 


  • BPA and acid-free plastic won’t rust and provide reliable durability
  • The non-skid rubber feet protect the wood and linoleum floors
  • The Doggie door boasts a double steel latch for extra security


  • The tools/screws for exercise pen assembly are very small and can get lost easily
  • The fence is somewhat bulky and a bit hard to store

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Zeny Metal PlayPen


The ZENY heavy-duty pet playpen is a great way for your pets to enjoy the outdoors safely, or partition them from certain places indoors. 

The portable dog fence features eight panels that provide your pets plenty of room and easy setup makes assembly a breeze. 

You will love keeping your dog inside a ZENY exercise pen thanks to its versatile design, solid construction, and easy panel arrangement for a quick setup process. 


  • No tools are required for assembly
  • The weather-resistant design makes long-term outdoor use possible
  • Suitable for any non-climbing pets weighing up to 25 lbs


  • Return shipping is really expensive
  • Somewhat heavy and cumbersome, even with the flat fold design

>>Check Today’s Price on Amazon<<

MyPet 8-Panel Passage Dog Pen 

play pen
North States has been making products for American pets since 1953. The company’s 8-panel portable dog fence is aesthetically pleasing and won’t clash with your interior design. 

The dog fence features a locking pet door that swings open when you want to give your pets free reign. It locks when you need to keep them contained inside or out. 

This tall enclosure can hold medium-sized dogs and made smaller if needed by removing panels. The MyPet portable dog fence is lightweight and it will make your travel plans with pets much easier to achieve. 


  • Very easy-to-clean, weather-resistant panels
  • Skid-resistant pads preserve your floors and prevent the fence from slipping
  • The Carry handle makes it easy to take your dog pen anywhere


  • The door hatch can be a bit unreliable
  • Not ideal for big dogs

>>Check Today’s Price on Amazon<<

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Portable Dog Fence

When you look for the best portable dog fences, here are some important considerations to think about before spending your hard-earned money. 


Whether you have small dogs or large dogs you know that the size of the best portable dog fence is important. 

If you are traveling, smaller fences are ideal for portability and easy storage. Very large fences work best in your backyard or close distances from your home. 

Durable Construction

Moveable dog fences should have high-quality materials like metal stakes, corner stabilizers, rounded edges, ground anchors, and a secure door. 

You should look for a sturdy design, heavy-duty construction, and a rust-proof or rust-resistant finish in the best portable dog fence.

A heavy-duty door twist lock is a bonus and provides added safety when your pet enters or exits the portable dog fence. 


The most convenient portable dog fences are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

This versatility of design will make your life a lot easier, especially if you like to camp and travel with your dog. 

You want to find a portable dog fence that features easy assembly with different shapes and easy access to your dog in case of an emergency. 

Benefits of Using the Best Portable Dog Fences

The best portable dog fence will give you lots of benefits. Some of the most important benefits are listed below. 

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your dog is safely contained (whether that’s inside or outside) will give you peace of mind and help you stop stressing about their safety and wellbeing. 

If you travel often and want to bring your dog along, a portable dog fence can help you enjoy your time and relax without worrying about your dog escaping or being hurt. 


If you need to keep one dog separate from other dogs or need to keep them quarantined due to medical reasons like injury recovery, a portable dog fence s a great idea to keep your dogs safe and healthy while isolated. 


Keeping your large dog or small dog safe is the ultimate priority. A portable dog fence is one of the best ways to keep your dog safe whether they are indoors or out. 

Exercise and Stimulation

Dogs need exercise and love to be outside. These fences allow your dog to run and get rid of excess energy while helping them live longer healthier lives. 

Your energetic dogs can have the time of their lives without the risk of getting lost, hurt, or stolen. 

Wrapping Up

When you invest in a portable fence for your dog, you ensure they can roam freely instead of being trapped in a small kennel or crate where there is not too much room for them to enjoy. 

Movable dog fences give your pets enough freedom without sacrificing your peace of mind for their health and well-being. 

If you want a safe environment for your pet to enjoy inside or out, then one of the portable dog fence choices mentioned above will be a game changer for you and all your beloved furry companions. 

Best Overall: Halo Dog Collar 

Best Portable Fence: Yaheetech Playpen

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