Jamie Lee Curtis Triumph Inspires Rescue Dogs to Dress Like Her

Photo credit: Paw Works

Ziggy shows off as Curtis in her role as Deirdre in Everything Everywhere All at Once, the role that recently won the actor a SAG Award. It’s no surprise Paw Works animal rescue honored this character with a doggo lookalike. 

Jamie Lee Curtis may be best known as a celebrated actor. But she’s also an animal lover and long-time supporter of Paw Works, a no-kill, nonprofit animal rescue in California. Paw Works was understandably thrilled when Curtis recently won a SAG Award for the role in Everything Everywhere All at Once. And of course, they celebrated in the most fitting way possible: with rescue dogs dressed in costumes inspired by iconic Curtis roles!

Let’s meet the other rescue dogs of Paw Works in their debut roles as Jamie Lee Curtis characters from over the years:

Pom Pom as Nora Krank

Photo credit: Paw Works

Christmas with the Kranks may not be one of Curtis’ most recognized roles, but Pom Pom does an amazing job bringing the character back to life. Can we get a shout-out for that vest!

Jaxon as Wanda

Photo credit: Paw Works

We can’t get over Jaxon’s animal print shirt and gold chain! We think he deserves his own award for his rendition of Curtis as Wanda in A Fish Called Wanda!

Tilda as Linda Drysdale

Photo credit: Paw Works

Knives Out dusted off and revived the classic murder mystery. In honor of that, Tilda wanted to take a stab at playing Linda, Curtis’ character in this flick!

Jameson as Ophelia

Photo credit: Paw Works

Curtis’ recent SAG Award was far from her first acting accolade. In fact, back in 1984, the actor won a British Academy Film Award for the role of Ophelia in Trading Places. Here we have Jameson paying homage to Curtis in Trading Places playing Ophelia pretending to be Inga! That was a mouthful!

Winston as Helen

Photo credit: Paw Works

Winston is ready for a night on the town as Helen from True Lies! This pup wanted to dress up as this character specifically, and we’re not surprised. After all, Curtis did win a Golden Globe Award for her portrayal of Helen!

Ziggy as Laurie Strode

Photo credit: Paw Works

It wouldn’t be a complete Jamie Lee Curtis character tribute unless someone dressed up as Laurie from Halloween, Curtis’ big-screen debut back in 1978. Let’s hear it for the scream queens and Ziggy, who just couldn’t get enough of being Jamie Lee Curtis!

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