What’s Your Dog or Cat’s Astrological Sign?

Do you read your horoscope every day? If so, it might surprise you to learn that your dog or cat also has an astrological sign! An animal’s (or human’s!) sun sign denotes his basic personality and driving force. To determine your dog or cat’s Zodiac sign, you must know the month of his birth, and the approximate week or day of the month he was born. Here are the basic traits of each of the 12 Zodiac signs for cats and dogs:

Once you know your dog or cat’s sun sign and its traits, you may find you have a deeper understanding of his personality and behavior!


You can also have a complete astrological chart done for your dog or cat, which includes an in-depth analysis involving not only the sun, but also his rising sign, and the positions of the moon and other planets at the time of his birth. All these can modify the traits of his sun sign. For example, the moon sign denotes your animal’s emotional personality, while the rising sign is related to appearance and the way others see him.

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