The #1 Way to Stop a Cat Drinking from YOUR Water Cup!

Cats are notoriously picky about their water. As cat parents, we do what we can to make sure they stay hydrated. That’s not always easy, but a cat water fountain could be just what Kitty needs! 

Have you ever gone to take a drink of water only to find that your cat’s got their head in the glass taking sips? Or maybe you turn on the faucet and your cat comes running in to take a drink? Most cat parents are familiar with scenarios like this. Cats are known for ignoring their own water bowls in favor of other hydration sources, and today we’ll explain why and tell you the best way to stop it—a water fountain for cats.

Cats Need Water Even if They Don’t Always Want to Drink It!

Felines can’t survive without water. Like all animals, they need water to move (water lubricates the joints), maintain their temperature, eliminate waste, digest food, move oxygen around the body, and more.

But cats evolved from desert creatures who were accustomed to water shortages and were able to get water from the meat of their prey. However, modern kibble-based diets don’t contain a lot of moisture. When you combine this with a cat’s low thirst drive, it can leave a lot of kitties at risk of dehydration.

Top Reasons Your Cat Drinks from Everything but Their Water Bowl

Cat parents know that cats can be finicky about drinking from their bowls. After all, who hasn’t found Kitty drinking from a human’s water glass—or worse, the toilet! There are three main reasons why cats will choose alternative water sources even when they have their own bowl readily accessible:

  1. They won’t drink standing water if it’s not fresh
  2. The water bowl is too close to their food dish (this is another evolutionary throwback—water that’s close to the food could become contaminated with bacteria)
  3. They like to be up high when they drink because they feel less vulnerable

If your cat won’t drink from their own water dish, chances are they seek out other sources, including your water cups.

A Water Fountain for Cats Will Stop Kitty from Drinking Your Water

A cat water fountain is the ultimate solution for kitties who don’t like drinking from their water bowl. The Dockstream Battery-Operated Water Fountain addresses every objection your cat might have to drinking water.

This cordless water fountain is portable, so you can put it wherever your cat wants it—including up high. You can set the fountain so that it’s always running, or you can preserve battery life with the motion-activated setting. What’s more, the water goes through a four-layer filtration system, so your cat always has access to fresh, clean, running water. No more hopping up on the coffee table to steal sips from your glass or playing acrobat on the toilet to drink from the bowl! Cats love drinking from the Dockstream Water Fountain!

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