Joulie Organics: plant-based dog treats with a cause

Joulie Organics: plant-based dog treats with a cause

Thanks to their plant-based dog treats and philanthropic mission, pet wellness startup Joulie Organics is making a name for themselves in the pet industry.

When golden retriever-lab mix Joulie was just a year old, she was diagnosed with an advanced-stage liver disease and given only a few months to live. Against all medical odds, Joulie made a complete recovery after she was switched to a holistic whole foods diet. Today at the age of three, Joulie is thriving. Inspired by her journey, Joulie’s caretakers Katrin and Jon began looking for ways to elevate her diet to an even higher standard. They quickly realized that there was a need for holistically formulated dog treats, and set out to develop their own. That’s when Joulie Organics was born.

Joulie Organics has always been committed to helping dogs like Joulie live long, healthy lives. They use only plant-based, gluten-free whole foods in their treats, and never any fillers, animal products, synthetics, GMOs, or other artificial ingredients. Many pet treat companies claim to be human grade or organic without any proof, but Joulie Organics is USDA Certified, which means every single ingredient they use meets the USDA’s rigorous standards for organic and human food regulations.

Social responsibility, environmental awareness, and helping animals in need are all important pillars of Joulie Organics’ mission. Katrin and Jon are passionate about making a difference and have committed to donating 5% of their profits to environmental and animal rescue non-profit organizations.

“We only use the best ingredients because we believe that dogs deserve the best,” says Katrin. “Dogs are more than just pets to us — they are beloved family members. If something is not good enough for us to eat, we wouldn’t feed it to our furry friends. The whole Joulie Organics family goes above and beyond to ensure our customers are provided with the most delicious and nutritious snacks on the market.” Their treats come in three delicious flavors that dogs love, and combine a revolutionary blend of 100% plant-based prebiotics shown to support digestive and immune health with nutrient-rich superfoods. Their Strawberry & Beet treats provide powerful antioxidants for longevity, Turmeric & Cinnamon support hip and joint wellness, and Wheatgrass & Coconut are packed with minerals for a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Customer success stories confirm that these one-of-a-kind treats are not only a tasty reward but have improved their dogs’ health and quality of life. “I have a super picky four-year-old Frenchie with IBS,” says Paul L., a loyal and happy customer. “These are the first treats my baby can enjoy without any digestive issues! I’ve also noticed that his activity has improved, and he has more energy.” Because of positive reviews like this, the Joulie Organics family will continue to put their whole heart and soul into what they do, while striving to give back to the animal community every step of the way. Holistic food saved Joulie’s life – and all dogs deserve that level of quality nutrition!


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