Cat pheromones 101

Cat pheromones 101

If you have a cat, you’ve probably heard the term “pheromones” used once or twice. But what are they, exactly, and what do they have to do with your feline companion?

Have you ever wondered why your cat rubs up against your legs or furniture? Are you curious why she dislikes car rides, or why she doesn’t get along with your other four-legged family members? While this behavior might seem mysterious, naturally-occurring chemicals called pheromones are the primary explanation. Pheromones send unique signals to the brain that influence the way your cat behaves and communicates. Simply put, they’re your cat’s internal messaging system!

How do pheromones work?

Originating from the Greek language, “pheromone” comes from the words “pherin” (to carry) and “horman” (to stimulate). Cats rely on two types of pheromones: nursing mothers release pheromones for their newborns to feel safe, while adult cats emit them from special glands around their body (i.e., chin, face, paws). By producing these chemicals, cats alert themselves (and other cats) as to how they feel about their environment.

Because cats love routine, unexpected changes like travel, visiting guests, and other neighboring cats can trigger them to deposit anxiety-related pheromones. In other words, your cat will mark objects or areas as “unsafe” when she’s scared. The scent of that pheromone will linger, and may result in unwanted behaviors like hiding, scratching, hissing, fighting, and spraying.

Natural ways to mimic pheromones

It’s easy to harness the power of cat pheromones wherever you are. Thanks to science, drug-free pheromone products like bSerene™ mimic the calming chemicals your feline naturally produces to feel at ease. You can boost your cat’s mood and alleviate anxious behaviors by distributing these pheromones using diffusers or sprays.

For example, research shows that the feline facial pheromone can reduce tension in multi-cat households. Pheromone sprays can also be great for car travel, vet visits and loud noises – helping your cat feel calm and relaxed.

When a cat feels safe, she releases positive chemicals to ease stress and anxiety. To create a peaceful environment whether you’re on the go or at home, soothing pheromones are an easy, everyday solution.


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