How clean is your pets’ air?

How clean is your pets’ air?

Standard air filters are a subpar option for man’s best friend. Here’s how one company is improving the health of dogs and cats by adequately cleaning the air they breathe!

Given that everyone in your family (including your dog or cat) breathes at least 20,000 times a day, there’s really nothing more important than air quality. Unfortunately, when we inhale, we don’t just take in vital oxygen – we also end up inhaling contaminants, dust, viruses, and other harmful substances. Our bodies must work harder than necessary to filter out the bad from the good, resulting in less-than-optimal health. While conventional air filters can help, they still don’t fully decontaminate the air. It was out of this essential  need for pure, clean oxygen that BioOx® was born.

A need for cleaner air

BioOx was created in 2009 by chemical engineer Sam Sofer, Ph.D., PE. During his research at New Jersey Institute of Technology, Dr. Sofer recognized that most filtration systems are inadequate to properly scrub the air of viruses and contaminants. He was also dissatisfied with the commercially available air cleaning systems, as many add chemicals and toxins to indoor air in a fruitless attempt to “purify” it.

He began investigating the power of naturally occurring enzymes and the important role oxygen reserves play in human and animal bodies. Dr. Sofer integrated this information with his knowledge of bioreactors and his passion for applied biology — accessing organic matter from nature instead of genetic engineering to solve fundamental problems. His research revealed that it takes something biological to destroy something biological. With this ethos, he harnessed a naturally occurring enzyme and used it to create the BioOx system.

How it works

The BioOx enzyme attracts toxic micro-particulates, as well as viruses, dust, gases, and bacteria that constantly circulate indoors. A bioreactor unit, which simply plugs into any electrical outlet (no arduous installation or rewiring required)contains the proprietary BioOx enzymatic microbial media that attracts all airborne toxins, causing an immediate bio-oxygenation process. This biologic process fully destroys odors and airborne contaminants. Any contaminants the BioOx media cannot fully break down and eradicate (such as metal particles) fall to the bottom of the reactor where they become inert disposable sediment. Thus, BioOx systems fully decontaminate indoor air, rendering agents such as ammonia fumes and waste byproducts, viruses, bacteria, dust, and formaldehyde harmless.  BioOx creates a permanent clean air zone inside any facility, protecting the health of all animals and humans.

What the research has to say…

Scientific studies have demonstrated that BioOx is the most superior air cleaning agent available. It works with nature, not against it, and is a super performer in creating the purest, freshest, and healthiest indoor air.

Significant benefits have been seen in animals when the BioOx system is used, such as reduced advancement of cancer, alleviation of asthma symptoms in cats and eradication of equine respiratory issues. Observation has shown that when the lungs and the liver are not stressed by filtering out airborne contaminants found in all home environments, pets have an increased opportunity to thrive, even after a catastrophic diagnosis.

Try it yourself!

BioOx is recruiting animals and veterinary sites to expand studies, specifically on pets with cancer or respiratory illnesses. Pets will be required to utilize the BioOx reactor, available for purchase or rental, to guarantee they have access to the cleanest air possible. They are also required to consume a daily flavored bio-oxygenated beverage containing the BioOx enzyme, which the pets see as a treat.

“Oxygen availability determines how much energy an animal may have to fight disease,” Dr. Sofer hypothesizes. “Our initial pilot study indicates that when pets have access to hyperclean indoor air, their immune systems are significantly boosted.”  Please contact the BioOx team to enroll your pet at (301) 246-0151 or

“The best feeling is having all of these animals and people enjoying the fruits of our work,” Dr. Sofer adds.  “It’s important that we stay humble as we continue to explore the science that can potentially achieve a significant positive effect on the planet and the health of its inhabitants.”

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