Moving pets overseas with the help of an app

Moving pets overseas with the help of an app

Moving overseas with pets? Here’s how one company can help make this difficult process a lot less stressful!

Animals are considered members of the family. Wherever you go, your furry companion is right there by your side. But what happens when you move to another country? Relocating your dog or cat across an ocean certainly isn’t easy. It often involves paperwork and additional costs that can build up at the last minute. For families moving, the additional task of transferring a pet is not only daunting and expensive, but also creates additional stress and frustration.

There’s an app for that!

Island Pet Movers, a pet relocation service, has been transporting household animals since 2009. Their team works hard to find ways to handle the time-consuming task of moving a pet, easing the burden and allowing clients to focus on what matters most – the well-being of their family.

“The past year of the pandemic has only added challenges to the very difficult process, between diminished flight routes, limited cargo space on planes, and some airlines no longer taking pets,” says company founder Kari Mendoza. “Through our partnership with digital collaboration company Moxtra, we were able to launch a new Island Pet Movers mobile application to keep the business thriving and our clients worry-free.”

Improved communication for improved peace of mind

Kari and her team wanted a way to keep clients in the loop throughout their pet’s entire move. The Island Pet Movers app serves as a one-stop platform where the company can communicate with clients via messages, photos and live videos. “Apart from streamlining communication with our clients, we can also share pets’ transit information and government forms securely with clients and receive digital signatures directly on the platform,” says Kari. “This process has made it exponentially easier for both the team and our clients.”

Overseas and international pet transportation has always posed several challenges for pet parents, which is why Kari created her business in the first place. But the pandemic exacerbated many of those challenges and created additional ones. Leveraging a digital app has made communication and planning with clients much easier, and allows pet parents to focus on transporting their pets as safely – and easily – as possible!

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