“Genius dogs” learn a new word every day

“Genius dogs” learn a new word every day

Is your dog a genius? New research determines what sets highly intelligent dogs apart!

Do you think your dog has more brains than average? You could be right! Researchers in Budapest, Hungary have discovered that some dogs with a rare level of intelligence are able to learn up to six new words in the span of one week. As part of their research, dubbed the Genius Dog Challenge, manager Shany Dror and her colleagues are conducting real-time livestreams on Facebook and YouTube, allowing viewers to experience trials in which a group of exceptionally intelligent dogs identify and retrieve toys based on names they have recently learned.

The first two genius dogs the researchers have identified are Rico, a border collie from Spain, and Whiskey, a border collie from Norway. Thanks to a worldwide search with the help of social media, four more genius dogs have been identified and Shany and her researchers are eager to find more to further their study on the minds of these extraordinary canines.

Is your dog a genius? Visit geniusdogchallenge.com to find out!

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