5 things you can do to ease pet anxiety

5 things you can do to ease pet anxiety

Does your dog have anxiety? He’s not alone! Most dogs get anxious every once in a while, and calming them down isn’t always easy. Here are five things you can try!

It’s been a stressful year for everyone (pets included), to say the least. As such, there’s been a heightened demand for pet anxiety solutions, with a focus on natural remedies.  As a matter of fact, 21% of dog parents purchased CBD supplements in 2020, and that number is rapidly climbing. But beyond CBD, what can you do to help combat pet anxiety naturally?

1. Hire a pet sitter

This way, pets will no longer be vulnerable to the stress and anxiety of being taken out of their homes and routines.  There are a number of online platforms that offer pet parents access to free pet sitters in exchange for a welcoming place to stay on their unique travels.

2. Shuffle through a playlist

Studies show music can help change the vibratory rate of stressed animals. Reggae, classical and soft rock have proven to be the most effective, but reading your pet’s body language is the best indicator. Check out Spotify’s pet playlist tool to get started!

3. Leave a familiar smell

Just like the sound of a familiar voice, scents can bring comfort to pets amid separation. Try leaving them with a worn item of clothing or used blanket as a constant reminder that you’re always with them.

4. Groom nightly

Focusing on self-care is a top priority for many of us, and it should be for our pets as well. Something as simple as 15 minutes of brushing every night can help calm your pet’s nervous system and lessen his tendency to become anxious.

5. Use soothing tones

Yelling at your pup for being afraid isn’t going to help the situation. In fact, it’s bound to make it a lot worse. Instead of punishment, use soothing tones to reassure him in moments of stress. Offer him plenty of love and physical support (snuggles), and praise him for being a “brave boy”!

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