What to look for in a dog food delivery service

What to look for in a dog food delivery service

As delivery services gain momentum in the pet food industry, we break down four things to look for when choosing the right one for you and your fur family!

We all want the best for our dogs, and ensuring they eat a balanced diet is just one of the many ways we can accomplish this! But with so many dog food options on store shelves, it can be overwhelming to decipher which is the better option. Some companies are making it easier by offering food delivery services right to your door. Getting pre-portioned and ready-to-prepare meals for your pet directly to your doorstep is extremely convenient – but how do you pick the right one? Here are four things to look for in a dog food delivery service.

1. The quality of ingredients

It’s no secret that natural dog food has many health benefits. Look for a company that not only offers whole-food ingredients and human-grade meats free from artificial flavors, by-products, or preservatives, but is also veterinarian approved. When choosing a dog food delivery service, you can also check to see if the company has a veterinarian or vet nutritionist on staff. A veterinarian-led nutrition team will ensure the food is well-balanced and appropriate for dogs.

2. Convenient packaging and storage

Most dog food delivery services offer a wide range of choices from fresh, frozen and dry food. But after the food is delivered, how easy is it to store? What is the self-life for a fresh recipe? Look for a company that has easy-to-open packages that are resealable and have minimal plastic waste.

3. Price point

Another major factor to consider is price. Typically, dog food delivery services cost more than food you can buy at the store, but remember that you are paying for fresh ingredients and the convenience of doorstep delivery. Most companies’ prices range from $2–$6 a day or $50–$200 a month depending on the size and breed of your dog.

4. Customization

Of course, nutrition is not ‘one size fits all’. Find a dog food delivery service that allows for flexibility as you learn what best suits your dog’s dietary needs. It should be simple to make changes to your food plan as needed, including the timing of deliveries and food quantity. After all, this process is supposed to make shopping for your dog easier, not more complicated!

Deciding on the best dog food can be a daunting task. Companies such as Just Food for Dogs can help, with certified nutrition and veterinarian consultants, DIY Homemade Food Kits, and an online food calculator to get you started on the journey. From shelf-stable pantry fresh recipes, fresh frozen options, kibble, and even customizable diets, Just Food for Dogs is focused on improving the lives of pets through healthy nutrition. The health and happiness of your dog is always a top priority, and a dog food delivery service can be one way to give your pup the best – and you peace of mind!

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