Oil versus water – the benefits of water soluble CBD

Oil versus water – the benefits of water soluble CBD

CBD has taken the pet industry by storm, but with so many options on the market, which one is truly beneficial for your pet? Water soluble CBD products offer an alternative for pet parents.

Hemp based products are not new to the pet industry. Many studies have found that CBD pet products have a variety of benefits including reducing pain, stiffness and anxiety in cats and dogs. Among the many CBD products for pets is water-soluble CBD – a beneficial alternative to oil-based products. Let’s take a look at what it is and what benefits it can offer your animal companion!

First and foremost, how does oil-based CBD work?

The majority of CBD products are oil-based. Cannaboidiol is extracted from the hemp plant and then mixed with a ‘carrier’ oil such as hemp seed oil, which assists the body with absorbing the CBD. However, fat-soluble substances like CBD oil cannot directly enter the bloodstream and are not well absorbed through the gut. They first must be broken down by enzymes in an animal’s digestive tract to prepare the fat molecules for distribution through the lymphatic system. When CBD molecules are broken down, your dog or cat isn’t getting the full benefits of the product! This is called the first pass effect, where a drug is metabolized in a different location of the body, resulting in the reduced concentration of the active ingredient – in this case, CBD.

Now you may be wondering – why can’t animals absorb fat-soluble products? Dogs’ bodies consist of nearly 80% water and cats about 67%. To properly absorb edible CBD oil-based products, it must be done via the oral mucosal membrane. Essentially, your pet is required to hold the oil in their mouth for at least 90 seconds. That’s not only unrealistic, but close to downright impossible! So, what is the solution? Enter water soluble CBD.

The case for water soluble CBD products

Water soluble CBD bypasses the first pass metabolism effect. This formulation of CBD delivers the active ingredient straight to the stomach where the CBD can easily be absorbed by your pets’ body. Plus, this formulation starts to work in 10 minutes, versus oil-based CBD which can take upwards of an hour. In other words, your pet can get the most benefit from the product – and you can get peace of mind!


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