6 easy ways to support your cat’s mental health

6 easy ways to support your cat’s mental health

Show your cat how much you appreciate them by doing everything you can to support their mental health!

If you’re a cat parent, you’re well aware of the benefits of feline affection and companionship. Did you know that some research suggests that sharing your life with a cat is associated with better psychological health? People with cats also report having fewer negative emotions than those without cats, and don’t experience as many feelings of loneliness or isolation. Cuddling with your cat even releases oxytocin, the “love hormone” linked to happiness and emotional wellbeing. Because our cats benefit us so greatly, it only makes sense that we want them to feel their absolute best! Here are a few ways to support your cat’s mental health as much as they support your own.

Keep your cat on a regular schedule

Cats love to stick to a schedule. Providing your cat with a regular routine supports their mental health because it makes them feel safe and secure. If you do need to amend your cat’s regular routine, try to do so gradually.

Offer options to keep your cat from getting bored

Mental stimulation is just as important for cats as it is for us! If you have an indoor cat, it’s important to ensure they’ve got plenty of things to keep them stimulated. There are countless cat toys to choose from. You might try puzzle treat dispensers or interactive cat toys that your cat can activate on their own if you spend a lot of time away from the house. You can also bring the great outdoors inside to your cat by letting them watch videos made specifically for cats. Keeping your kitty stimulated will significantly support their mental health (and keep them out of trouble while you’re away).

Make sure they have something to scratch

Scratching is part of being a cat. It’s an instinctive behavior that allows them to express their emotions, whether excited, sad, or stressed. Scratching also lets cats mark their scent, as they’ve got scent glands in their paws. Making sure your cat has something to scratch supports their mental health by simply letting them do what comes naturally.

Ensure they get exercise

Like mental stimulation, physical exercise is extremely important for both humans and animals. Not only does exercise keep your cat in good physical shape, it’s also vital for supporting their mental wellbeing. Not getting the exercise they need can lead to sadness in your feline friend. Whether you throw a ball for them around the house or train them to walk on a leash like a dog, make sure your cat gets in some exercise each day.

Give the love you get

When the love and affection our cats offer us is reciprocated, any feelings of stress, loneliness and sadness lower or disappear. Giving your cat the love they give you can build a close bond, offering them the trust and security needed to live a happy, fulfilling, and satisfied life.

Try premium CBD products

You might associate CBD with supplements formulated for humans, but high-quality CBD products can also offer a host of benefits for your pets’ mental and physical health. Whether your cat is stressed when you’re away or is older and experiencing some discomfort with aging, broad spectrum (with 0.0% THC) CBD can promote a sense of calm and balance for your furry friend.

Use these tips to improve your cat’s mental health, and watch as her overall quality of life improves!

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