How to support your dog or cat on the road to cancer recovery

How to support your dog or cat on the road to cancer recovery

Has your animal companion been diagnosed with cancer? Here are a few ways to promote health and healing.

You made it home from the vet’s office with your best friend. Supporting your animal companion through a cancer diagnosis can be a scary, emotional journey. Here are some tips to help both of you along the way.


Your pet could probably use some adventure in his life after a long stint of chemo or medication. Throw on a pair of boots and take your dog to a small stream. Let him sniff for squirrels. Let him get muddy and wet. Call up a friend who owns a few acres of land and let your dog run around off-leash. Go camping or fishing. Exposure to sunshine and microbes in the soil may help your pet’s immune system recover, and can be an important part of an aging dog’s quality of life. And this doesn’t just apply to your dog, we recommend walking your cat too!

Replenish their microbiome

Probiotics are awesome! But did you know that everything your pet touches and tastes outside helps to balance their microbiome? Dogs and cats have almost 100 times more stomach acid than we do. Things that seem “dirty” to us are necessary for your pet’s health. Your pet’s diet is a critical component of not only their cancer support, but also to help balance their gut flora. For healthy skin, regular digestion, self-cleaning fur, and fresh breath – let them explore weird stuff in the yard and on hikes.

Organ meats

The ancestors of your dog or cat acquired vital nutrients from livers, hearts, kidneys, intestines and collagen-rich bones. You don’t need to feed your dog an entirely raw diet for them to benefit from organ meats. Fresh, raw meat is totally safe to feed your dog in small doses. Go to your local butcher and ask for pastured/grass fed organs. Slice it up for a high value treat for your little cancer survivor!


Many pet parents have seen a dramatic improvement in their pet’s overall health by simply withholding food once a week for a 16–24 hour period. All of the energy that would have been spent digesting food is in turn spent on cellular healing. This is also beneficial for arthritis and obesity. Just be sure to check with your vet before giving this a try!

Enjoy your time with your animal companion

Believe it or not, your pet will notice if you stress over their health – and it won’t help them. When you’re anxious and stressed, your pet will mirror those feelings. When your pet is anxious and stressed, their body will take longer to heal. Finding joy and peace can help you both live a fulfilling life.

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