McIntosh ProLine – turning a love of animals into a quality product

McIntosh ProLine – turning a love of animals into a quality product

Learn how Doug McIntosh, founder of McIntosh ProLine, turned his passion for animals into a product line designed to help them thrive.

In many cases, when you love one type of animal you love them all. This was certainly true for Doug McIntosh. Born and raised in the small town of Wheatley, Ontario, Doug’s love of animals began at a young age. He grew up on a farm raising cattle and horses, and was involved with his father’s feed business until he became a full-time horse trainer in the late 1960s. So how did all of this lead to the development of his own equine supplement company?

“While training in Florida, I met Dr. Gary Pusillo, a renown nutritionist, through a mutual friend,” says Doug. He and Dr. Gary had many discussions, and Doug became quickly fascinated by the knowledge and expertise that he had to offer. The two animal-lovers become personal friends, and decided to merge Dr. Gary’s genius in the nutrition field with Doug’s practical knowledge of the feed business. From their combined vision, McIntosh ProLine was born.

Originally named Peak Equine Products, McIntosh ProLine was incorporated in 2002, about seven years after its launch. Doug has been proud of the company and its products since day one – proud enough, he says, to put his family name on it! From the get-go, their goal has been to provide targeted quality products for all species of animals. “We use only quality ingredients and provide the best service possible,” he says.

The McIntosh ProLine line is constantly expanding, but a few of their products stand out above the rest. “We feel we excel with our gut, joint and breathing products,” says Doug. “Our 911 Emergency Paste is also a crowd favorite, as is our Flex All and Flex-All Plus for dogs.” A synergistic combination of natural ingredients that can optimize your dog’s joint function, Flex All provides the necessary building blocks to repair and maintain connective tissue. “It’s a great option for canine athletes, seniors, or dogs predisposed to arthritis,” Doug adds.

Each and every product is a collaborative effort between Doug and Dr. Gary, and they’re all designed to give animals what they need to thrive. “The people, new challenges and watching animals’ benefit – that’s why we do what we do,” says Doug. “Being able to turn a lifelong love of animals into a business that helps them live better lives is incredibly rewarding.”

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