How paying for professional dog training can save you money

How paying for professional dog training can save you money

On the fence about whether or not to invest in professional training classes for your dog? Here’s how enrolling may save you money!

Families and smart spenders are always looking for ways to trim the fat off their overall costs, especially when they realize just how much a furry addition can cost every month. If training is something pet parents want to pursue, whether for stubborn behaviors like jumping on guests or to sharpen skills such as off-leash walking, it’s definitely not a place to cut costs. Professional dog training is an investment and finding quality trainers doesn’t come cheap. Some guardians will decide against it, and some will choose to change their dog’s behavior for the better. What some people don’t know is that investing in professional dog training can actually save money in the long run.

Reduce insurance costs

Seeking professional training for a dog is a big commitment that should come with a lot of thoughtful consideration. It can also drain a wallet – fast. However, an unintentional cost for some dog parents might be paying a hefty fee on homeowners insurance if they have a dog that brings a lot of liability. Breeds with major stereotypes such as pitbulls, rottweilers, or dobermans are commonly on insurers lists. Thankfully, the American Kennel Club has a Canine Good Citizen certification that can help reduce insurance rates. Apartment properties are also beginning to restrict certain dog breeds and may accept the Canine Good Citizen certification as justification for allowing the dog in the rental. The certification comes after the dog goes through– and passes– training courses to become a friendly-neighborhood pet with a certified academy, such as Paw & Order, that offers Canine Good Citizen certification classes.

Avoid fines!

Another way professional dog training can save money is to avoid an expensive day in court. Heaven forbid it ever happen, but consider this: training is way less expensive than a lawsuit. Being a proactive dog parent and getting proper training can save thousands should a lawsuit ever be filed as a result of an aggressive attack. If a dog shows any sign of aggression, it’s best to address it right away and get them on the right track. With the right training, aggressive, unruly dogs change into stand-up citizens. You don’t have to accept your dog’s bad behavior. With time, attention, patience, and a darn good trainer, the dog’s life can be completely changed.

Protect your property

Let’s not forget possibly the most common reason professional training can save money: property damage. We’ve all had our shoes chewed, yards dug, or fences broken by our furry friends. Destructive dogs can cause a lot of damage to property, furniture, clothes, yards – you name it. But having a well-trained dog essentially eliminates those frequent costs of having to buy or repair things. Puppies are the most common culprit of the chewed sock or bite marks on the couch. Starting training early is the best way to get a handle on those behaviors. The only thing dogs should be chewing are the toys and treats we give them.

In the end, all dog parents want what’s best for their pups. Investing in professional dog training can be more than just learning how to sit, stay, lay down, and come.

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