New dog treats support families in need

New dog treats support families in need

NutriSource launches superstars training rewards treats to support kids, families and pets experiencing difficult times.

NutriSource®, one of America’s most beloved and trusted pet brands, today announced the launch of the NutriSource SuperStars Giving program, a new philanthropic initiative that expands the company’s longstanding commitment to use its resources to positively impact families, children and pets. As part of the initiative, NutriSource is dedicating 100% of profits from the company’s new line of NutriSource SuperStars Training Reward Treats to organizations across the country that create meaningful changes in our communities.

“A core belief of our companies is that we have an obligation to make a difference,” says Charlie Nelson, CEO of KLN Family Brands, the parent company of NutriSource. “The NutriSource SuperStars Giving Program formalizes our enduring commitment to do our part towards creating a better world. We are proud to give every cent of profit from NutriSource SuperStars Training Rewards Treats to organizations that lift up, support and inspire us in times of need.”

NutriSource SuperStars Training Rewards Treats are pocket-friendly, nutritious and low-calorie (less than three calories each).  Available in chicken, beef, bacon and cheddar flavors, the star-shaped treats feature meat-rich, protein dense recipes that have no corn, wheat, soy or potato. They are offered in 4oz, 6oz and 16oz bags that include a special SuperStar Spotlight on Rocket, the first NutriSource Facility Dog.

Giving back has always been a priority for NutriSource and parent company KLN Family Brands, with more than $3M committed and contributed since 2018. The company donates to many life-changing organizations including Pinky Swear Foundation, M Health Fairview Masonic Children’s Hospital, Soldier’s 6, and many pet rescues, animal shelters, humane societies and non-profit veterinary care organizations across the country. The launch of NutriSource SuperStars Training Rewards Treats is part of the company’s expanding giving initiative that includes plans to increase support to facility dog programs at children’s hospitals across the country and train service dogs that provide a vital role in the lives of those needing a canine companion.

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