How do pet parents spend Valentine’s Day?

How do pet parents spend Valentine’s Day?

A recent survey examined pet parents’ behavior and celebrations for Valentine’s Day, and the results are heartwarming!

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a romantic candle lit dinner – and in 2022 it doesn’t matter if you’re single or taken! Findings from a recent survey reveal that pet parents are more than happy to spend the romantic occasion with their fur babes. In fact, 27% of Americans will make a special meal for their pet to celebrate!

Below are more survey results, as well as some ideas on how you can plan a happy and healthy day for both of you this Valentine’s Day!

Have a spa day

Grooming is a great way to show that your care about your animal companion’s comfort and appearance. A relaxing bath and mani-pedis sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? Re-create this spa experience at home or book your pet an appointment at the groomer’s!

Dress up

Use your imagination and find something red for both of you to wear! 22% of people will dress their pets up for special occasions, so why not match together on this one?

Go on a walk

Spending some one-on-one time with your dog or cat will deepen your bond, and will help reduce any unwanted attention-seeking behaviors. What better way to keep both of you healthy and relaxed this Valentine’s Day?

Have a movie night

Rom coms never get old, but this Valentine’s Day, choose a pet themed movie instead! The options are endless, and the endings will warm your heart.

Find a gift

Your pet loves you unconditionally, meaning gifts are optional. But who doesn’t love showering their fur babe in presents? 32% of pet parents will buy a special Valentine’s gift to tell their furry friends they love them.

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