Holiday shopping that helps animals in need

Holiday shopping that helps animals in need

Chances are, you’ll be doing some holiday shopping this season. Why not put those hard-earned dollars toward helping needy animals at the same time?

This holiday season, hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats across the country are waiting in shelters for their forever families. The cost of providing care to all these homeless pets is high, and resources are scarce. Luckily, ‘tis the season of giving, and you can donate to these non-profits while you do your holiday shopping!


From big-box retailers to small local boutiques, stores everywhere are opening their hearts – and their wallets – to animals in need. As they recognize that many shoppers are gravitating toward companies with philanthropic values, they choose charities to donate a portion of their proceeds or products to (see below). This allows shoppers to feel good about buying their brands, and during the holidays when spending rates skyrocket, this becomes especially important.

So which of these generous retailers donate to animals in need? Before you read on, do some research to find out if any of your local shops give back. Chances are, a few of them support nearby rescue organizations through funding, product donations or other means such as advertising or hosting adoption events. Many butchers, for instance, donate raw bones to shelters, while some thrift stores are run by animal non-profits as a way to raise money.

If you can’t find any local stores that give back, take matters into your own hands. Ask around to see if any small businesses have anything to donate to animals in need.

Once you’ve exhausted all your local options, it’s time to hit the chain stores. More companies are making it part of their mission to help animals in need, and their impact is tremendous. The popular cruelty-free cosmetic company, LUSH, for instance, has an entire line of products called Charity Pot — 100% of proceeds from this line supports different organizations around the world, including The Beagle Freedom Project – a non-profit that rescues dogs from lab testing. Petco and Ikea help in another way by finding families for shelter dogs and cats, while Dog for Dog, whose natural dog food, treats, toys and accessories can be found in stores across the nation, donates one product for every one that’s purchased. How’s that for holiday cheer?


According to a Statista report from 2017, 55% percent of respondents said they were likely to do their holiday shopping online. If you’re among the millions of people who’ve hopped on the online shopping train, don’t fret. You don’t need to walk into a store to give back to animals in need this holiday season. In fact, it’s easier than ever to support rescues and shelters from the comfort of your own home!

One of the most well-known online shopping sites, Amazon, is a secure and convenient way to buy products on the internet. But many people don’t know that AmazonSmile, an offshoot of this famous company, donates 0.5% of your money to a charity of your choosing. You can shop all your favorite products, and with over 2,000 animal rescues in their database, you can easily direct those proceeds to animals in need.

Speaking of favorite products – listen up, pet parents! If you’re planning to buy your pup a gift (or ten) this holiday season, you can buy a wide variety of pet food and supplies online. Merchandise from certain companies, like Nature Gnaws and Blanket ID, is available on AmazonSmiles as well as through their own websites. And whichever forum you choose, you’ll be supporting animals in need.

Why are more companies giving back?

“We feel it is the responsibility of companies to give back,” says Steve Mamak, Co-Founder of Nature Gnaws. “In this exciting age of technology and social media ‘transparency’, customers should be empowered to support companies that align with their ideals.” Nature Gnaws pays regular visits to their local shelter where they hand out their natural, single-ingredient chews to the dogs. They also post photos of adoptable pets on their social channels, and will be donating 10% of proceeds from their Holiday Bags to rescue groups.

Blanket ID holds similar values. Their advanced ID tags are imprinted with vital info that helps lost pets get returned to their owners as quickly as possible, and this alone is a huge help for rescue organizations. On top of that, the company has donated 38% of its total profits to animals in need. “If everyone could give just a little, much can be achieved,” says co-founder Martin Hubbard. “A Blanket ID is a great gift for your favorite pet owner, and a continuing gift of support for those fabulous organizations that look out for animals who have no one else.”

You don’t need piles of extra cash or free time to help animals this season. Stick to your budget and save time by supporting companies that give back, and buy the gifts that keep on giving!

Where to shop to support animals in need

AmazonSmile –

Blanket ID –

CocoTherapy –

Dog for Dog –

Fetch Eyewear –

Ikea –


Nature Gnaws –

Petco –

Pet Winery –

Plano Paws –

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