A 15-minute weekly dog grooming routine

A 15-minute weekly dog grooming routine

Make grooming your pup quick and easy with this 15-minute weekly regimen!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been too busy to groom your dog. We’ve all been there! When you juggle a lot of responsibilities, brushing Fido can slip a little too low on the priority list. But regular grooming is an extremely important part of your dog’s healthcare routine, so skipping it too often isn’t ideal. To make sure your dog stays looking and feeling his best, try working this 15-minute grooming routine into your weekly schedule. It’s quick, easy, and covers all the bases!

Ready, set, groom!

0:00–4:59 — Brush him from head to tail

The first five minutes of your grooming session should be dedicated to brushing out your pup’s coat – especially if he has long hair! Pay special attention to areas that tend to collect mats, like the underbelly and legs. Use a comb to gently remove any tangles, then use a slicker or bristle brush over his entire body. Be sure to research what tools are best for his coat type. You can also use this time to check his body for lumps, bumps or any other abnormalities.

5:00–5:59 — Wipe his eyes and ears

Moisten a cotton ball in witch hazel, water, or a natural ear-cleaning solution. Carefully wipe around your dog’s eyes, lightly rubbing away any tear stains. Moisten a new cotton ball, and gently wipe his ears, removing any loose dirt or debris. Take care not to insert the cotton ball or your finger directly into the ear canal.

6:00–8:59 — Trim his toenails

If your dog isn’t accustomed to having his nails trimmed, this step will take longer. If he’s a seasoned pro, take one paw at a time and trim each of his nails using doggie nail trimmers. Be careful not to cut too deep – just trim the shell of the nail, not the quick (see below).

9:00–10:59 — Tend to his paws

We’re not done with the feet quite yet! Carefully examine each paw for any injuries or embedded objects – you’d be surprised at how easily sticks and stones can get wedged in the tight space between his paw pads. Clean them well, and apply a natural paw balm to keep his pads supple and protected from the elements.

11:00–13:59 — Brush his teeth

Don’t rush this step. Take the full two minutes to brush your companion’s pearly whites, going slowly to remove any built-up plaque that can lead to tartar. Keep an eye on your dog’s body language as you go – some pups don’t like their mouths handled, especially for long periods of time. If he appears uncomfortable, stop.

14:00–15:00 – Praise, praise, praise!

It’s important to end your grooming session on a good note. Offering plenty of praise will ensure that your dog forms a positive association around grooming, and looks forward to your next session. Toss him a few of his favorite treats, give him plenty of kisses and snuggles, and throw in a “good dog” or two for good measure. Make every second count!

Don’t have 15 minutes to spare? It’s time to delegate! Book an appointment with your groomer, or pay your sister to tackle this quick routine once a week. Whatever you do, don’t let grooming fall by the wayside!

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