ArtemiPet™ harnesses the power of an ancient herb to boost canine immunity

ArtemiPet™ harnesses the power of an ancient herb to boost canine immunity  

This innovative company has brought an ancient immune-boosting herb called Artemisia annua into the modern pet market – and it’s working wonders.

Last year was challenging for most of us. Yet despite the pandemic, Adam J. Maust launched ArtemiPet™, an animal-focused offshoot of parent company ArtemiLife™, of which he’s the CEO. And it’s off to an impressive start. The first product out of the gate is ArtemiPet™ Immunity Bites – a soft bite for dogs that contains the company’s signature ingredient, Artemisia annua. This ancient herb, also known as Sweet Wormwood or Sweet Annie, has been used in holistic health for hundreds of years. It helps boost immunity, but ArtemiPet™ is among the first to bring it to the North American pet market.

The new bite on the block

Packed full of superfoods, including probiotics, curcumin, blueberries and reishi mushrooms, ArtemiPet™ Immunity Bites are one of the first and only products that enable dog parents to integrate Artemisia annua into their canines’ wellness routines. “Our mission is to bring the benefits of Artemisia annua to everyday animal health products, while educating consumers on the benefits of the plant,” says Adam. “With the help of agricultural experts and our animal health partners, we have ensured that the highest quality Artemisia annua and other ingredients are used to support your dog’s health.”

Every bag of ArtemiPet™ Immunity Bites contains 100 grain-free, poultry-flavored soft bites. They’re available in all 50 states and can be purchased individually or on a subscription basis – an ideal option for dogs that can’t get enough!

Only the best for your dog

As part of their dedication to excellence, ArtemiPet™ grows all their own Artemisia annua crops in Kentucky. From the acquisition of seed lines around the world to their partnership with US-based farmers, they’re taking every step possible to maximize the quality of their key ingredient while supporting the local economy.

They may have set the bar high in their first year, but the team at ArtemiPet™ is just getting started. “We have a strong network of health professionals and scientists around the world to support and expand the education of Artemisia annua,” says Adam. “Ongoing research is being conducted on the power of this amazing plant, and the more we learn, the more confident we become that it’s an ingredient that can help pets – and their humans – thrive.”

Ready to integrate the benefits of Artemisia annua into your dog’s daily routine? Visit

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