Get the scoop on air-dried pet food!

Get the scoop on air-dried pet food!

What is air-dried pet food and why is it so popular? Let’s take a closer look at this healthy option and how it’s helping dogs and cats thrive.

Many pet guardians prefer to feed their dogs and cats a raw diet over a commercial dry food for the multitude of benefits it can provide. It does, however, require time, preparation, and dedication to properly feed a raw balanced diet. For pet guardians looking for a diet with the nutrition of raw and the convenience of dry food, air-dried recipes are a great choice. Here’s why!

Safe and gentle

Unlike conventional dry foods that are mass produced and cooked at high temperatures with compromised nutrition, air-dried foods are less processed and therefore more nutritious! ZIWI® Peak foods, for instance, are made with twin-stage air drying technology. This method is inspired by the centuries-old technique of naturally preserving meats, eliminating pathogens and bacteria making it safe for you to serve and your pets to eat.

Ready-to-serve and shelf stable

Unlike raw feeding, air-dried recipes are ready to serve right after you open the bag. The shelf life of ZIWI’s air-dried formulas after a bag is opened is eight weeks, and unopened bags have a shelf life of 21 months from the date of manufacturing.


Three portions of raw product create one portion of ZIWI Peak air-dried. A meat-rich highly digestible diet with none of the unnecessary additives, ZIWI Peak is a safe raw alternative that still provides the nutrition of a raw diet.

Essential ingredients for peak health

Meat and organs

Meat-rich recipes with high inclusions and variety of organs provide a wide range of amino acids and essential nutrients, including taurine, which is well known to support heart health. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which serve numerous functions in the body such as muscle repair and growth, enzyme production, immunity, and energy.


Tripe is the nutrient-rich stomach lining of a ruminant animal and contains probiotics and digestive enzymes which help to promote optimal digestive health. Cold-washed green tripe may not appeal to you, but it certainly gets cats and dogs excited – perfect for picky eaters!

New Zealand Green Mussels

Recognized as one of the most sustainable seafood ingredients in the world, New Zealand Green Mussels are nature’s powerhouse superfood. They are a rich source of glucosamine and chondroitin which supports long-term joint health, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids to boost skin and coat health.

Fish is also a rich source of Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids so if you want to give your pet’s skin and coat health an additional boost choose a recipe with both fish and New Zealand Green Mussels.

All-in-one solution

ZIWI Peak air-dried recipes contain all these ingredients in one delicious mouthful, with no unwanted carbohydrates such as grains, potatoes, or legumes, and no artificial preservatives or binders are needed due to the natural air-drying process.

The best part is that ZIWI Peak recipes can be fed as a nutritious topper, delicious treat, or even a complete and balanced meal. There is also no need to freeze, refrigerate, or rehydrate – simply scoop and serve!

Available in single-protein for food sensitive dogs and cats, or multi-protein for added variety – there is sure to be a recipe your pet of any breed or life stage will love!

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