Surprising benefits of hiring a dog trainer

There are many benefits to hiring a dog trainer, but did you know there are many perks for yourself, as well?

Most people seek out a dog trainer to, well, train their dog. There are a multitude of reasons someone might hire a trainer. It may be because you have a territorial dog barking at everything and everyone who comes too close for comfort, or an unruly dog on a leash while out for a walk. Maybe you just want to start obedience with your young pup. You can expect to get a well-behaved dog who can do fancy tricks when you hire a dog trainer, but what a lot of people don’t expect are the other benefits of hiring a dog trainer that are not so obvious. These are a few of those examples that I’ve seen through my work at Paw & Order Dog Training:

A new accountability partner

Having a dog that you’re able to take on walks or long hikes with you (especially if the dog is able to be unleashed) will force you to stick to those New Year resolutions and stay physically fit! Dogs are great accountability partners because they love routine and they’re always up for a walk.

Stronger social skills

Being able to bring your dog out in public settings can build confidence and help with social skills for both you and your dog. Going to dog parks and allowing the dogs to socialize is a great way to teach them to be friendly to any and all dogs. Who knows, you might also make new human friends while you’re there.

Better homeowners insurance rates

Sometimes certain dog breeds can be a liability that your insurance will charge for. Having a Canine Good Citizen certified dog can help reduce those rates. The certification can also help if an apartment group won’t allow your breed in the unit.

More hosting at home

If you had a troubled dog before that hindered you from inviting guests over to your house, this might be your chance to become the host with the most that you’ve always wanted to be. Invite the whole family over and give your dog time to get to know them!

Less mental health stress

Not having to worry about how your dog will interact with others and feeling that safety can release so much stress from your life. Many people struggle with a decision to keep their dog or not, because of its behaviors, but most dogs are trainable and hiring a dog trainer can allow you to let go of all those worries.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of surprising benefits to hiring a dog trainer. In the new year, treat yourself to some of them and see all that your dog is capable of. Trainers are there for your dog, but also for you and your family. Live a better life with your pooch knowing that you’re in good paws with a trainer.

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