CBD for storm anxiety

CBD for storm anxiety

Storms can be a massive stressor for your pet. Learn about how CBD and other tools can help keep your pet feeling calm and safe if they have storm anxiety.

It can be sad and frustrating to watch your pet during bad thunderstorms. Our pets
express their stress during storms like these by panting, pacing, hiding, or even
destroying furniture in extreme cases. However, there are many tools pet parents can
use to make their pets feel calm and collected in these situations.

Safe over sedated

CBD is a great option for those looking to see their pet feeling safe during storms. CBD
accomplishes this by interacting with the serotonin receptors in the body to foster a sense of calm and wellbeing. This sense of wellness and balance keeps pets calm without sedating them, which often can cause confusion or a loss of their normal, unique personality!

Positive reinforcement

One of the biggest benefits of using CBD in your storm anxiety plan is that it can act as a
positive training tool. Each time that your pet experiences a storm and feels calm with
the aid of CBD, the idea that they are safe in storms is being positively reinforced. This
allows your pet not only to get through present storms more easily but works towards
creating lasting behavioral changes.

Additional tools

In addition to CBD in the form of pet tinctures or treats, there are several tools you can
implement to help with storm anxiety. Using weighted blankets, interactive toys and
storm jackets are a few examples of items that can help your pet. A safe space during a storm is essential for helping your pet’s anxiety. Create an environment they are familiar with and play calming music or white noise to help them feel safer. It is important to make sure your pet has access to this safe space and others so they feel like they have agency when they are anxious. Never lock a pet in a room or cage for a storm unless necessary to help them (and your belongings) safe!

CBD Tips

To see the best results, be sure to administer CBD with enough time beforehand. Typically, 30-45 minutes if possible. This can be difficult to predict in stormy months so be sure to check local weather reports. Pets are also known to hear storms far before we are aware of them, so check in on their behavior as a clue to a coming storm. We also recommend introducing CBD before their first storm to increase effectiveness. Studies show that CBD achieves maximum therapeutic abilities when given frequently but this does not mean you won’t see results if only given situationally. Because storms are high-stress situations, you may want to give a higher dose of CBD than you typically would. You may also want to do this if you only give CBD to your pets situationally.

Working through storm anxiety with your pet can be stressful for everyone involved. However, we hope these tools and tips can help the journey be as quick and manageable
as possible!


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