Giving pets supplements: making a frustrating task easy

Giving pets supplements: making a frustrating task easy

Supplements are one way to help boost your pets health. Here are some ways to take the stress out of giving your pet supplements. 

Like humans, pets have thousands of microorganisms living on and in their bodies, most of which are in the gut. These microbes play an important role in the health of dogs and cats, and can be supported by supplements such as prebiotics, probiotics, or digestive enzymes. From helping to improve the immune system, supporting skin health, or reducing the risk of diseases, supplements are something you may want to consider adding into your pet’s daily routine. Of course, giving pets supplements can be a difficult task – especially if your four-legged friend is picky!

From squeaky toys to treats, they’re only interested if it’s something new or if it smells good. When it comes to supplements for your pet, the same rules apply. Most cats and dogs refuse to take medicine, vitamins, supplements, and anything else that they deem suspicious or not appealing in smell or taste. If you’re tired of struggling to give your pets supplements, we have a few tips to help you out.

For supplements in pill form, you can consider trying:

1. A pill gun – if your cat or dog turns their head away, this plastic tube allows you to shoot a small pill into your pet’s mouth.

  1. Pill pockets – little pouches that come in a variety of flavors are made specifically to serve a pill to your pet as a treat, making it more likely that your fur pal will eat the supplement without knowing it is there.

Another option is to avoid the pills altogether. Forget pills, tablets or other inconvenient delivery methods and try a powder supplement like Ageless Paws TOPPER+. The TOPPER+ addresses the challenge of dosing picky eaters with tasty, all-natural animal protein. Available in either salmon or chicken, this is both a flavorful and nutritious meal enhancer along with a powerful probiotic. Each bottle of TOPPER+ contains at least 67 billion CFUs of BC30™ probiotic, known for supporting digestive health and function, boosting the immune system and protein utilization. Plus, there is no additional processing, flours, added sugar or binding agents – just freeze-dried chicken breast or wild salmon. Two-ingredient TOPPER+ provides your pets only high-quality animal proteins bolstered with a powerful probiotic – and nothing else. Not only will this supplement enhance the flavor of your pet’s food and entice them to eat, but because the TOPPER+ is in powder form, the nutrients can be absorbed faster than other supplements.

There are a few different ways to give your pet supplements but picking the best option can be hard. With options like the TOPPER+, you can make giving supplements to pets less stressful – for you and for them.



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