Invisible Fence for Dogs – Most Effective Wireless Dog Fences

invisible fence for dogs

Being a dog caretaker comes with a lot of responsibility. One of the most significant challenges is keeping dogs contained when they’re outdoors, especially if they’re stubborn or like to wander. While many use a traditional physical fence, an electric fence, or a leash to keep their dogs safe, others have taken the more modern approach of an invisible wireless fence.

Having an invisible dog fence allows your canines to roam a designated area of the yard without being bound by a leash or physical fencing. When they start extending beyond their boundaries, their safety is provided for by a signal sent through a specialized collar receiver.

Inventors developed the invisible electric fence in 1973 to help alleviate the issue of dogs escaping their yards, either by becoming detached from their restraints or digging holes under barriers. This invention was also needed due to many homeowner’s associations banning traditional fences in subdivisions.

Today, you will find many invisible dog fences on the market. What started out as a large unit placed on a battery-operated dog collar, along with extensive digging to accommodate an underground wire, has become much more compact, with hybrid and even wireless fence options that can accommodate multiple dogs.

Best Invisible Dog Fence

If you’re considering buying an invisible fence for your dog, here’s a brief overview of the pros and cons before we dive into specific products:


  • Discrete design
  • More efficient than other options
  • Compact size
  • Works with multiple dogs


  • More costly than traditional fencing options
  • Batteries in dog’s collar require replacing

Best Invisible Dog Fences

As dog caretakers, we wanted to know which invisible fences were the best of the best. Due to the many options on the market, we narrowed them down to a handful of the most highly rated, before personally testing each one. To do this, we scoured review sites like Reddit and Quora, as well as countless pet forums and blogs.

While it took time to compile all the information, we were able to finalize several options for further consideration. Those that we felt deserved the highest rankings are discussed in the sections below, while the runners-up appear further down.

Here is a quick summary of the top invisible fences available on the market:

Spot-On GPS Fence – #1 Rated Dog Collar Fence

Halo Collar – Complete Training System (Best Value)

Things to Consider Before Buying an Invisible Fence System

A wireless dog fence is an excellent solution for those who want to restrict their dogs’ access to particular sections of the yard. Additionally, many people prefer an invisible fence instead of traditional fencing if they have a larger-than-average yard and don’t want to enclose the entire lot.

Before purchasing a wireless dog fence, or setting up an appointment with an installer, consider the following elements:

  • What is the square footage you want to cover?
  • Is there any unique terrain to take under advisement?
  • How many animals will be sharing the space?
  • Do you prefer underground fences, hybrid, or invisible fencing options?

After reviewing these criteria, you will better understand what kind of invisible fence is best for your particular situation.

Products, Features, and Benefits

To help you along in your search for the best wireless dog fence for your home and property, we have rounded up three of the most popular options. All the products listed below are highly rated and offer multiple features for containing your animals safely.

SpotOn GPS Fence

invisible dog fenceThe SpotOn GPS invisible fence system for dogs includes innovative technology that allows you to create boundaries and perimeters wherever you go. With this feature, you can set up allowable space at your home, and when travelling, with minimal effort.

The SpotOn GPS Fence relies on True Location technology. Information is pulled from over 30 satellites that pinpoint your location. You can easily set up a designated area from your phone and put it into place.

You can then quickly train your dogs through a simple three-step process to help them identify the sounds and alerts that notify them when they are reaching an established perimeter. SpotOn GPS fence provides detailed instructions on completing these necessary steps before using the system.

A straightforward setup process helps you get the system up and running without frustration and with a minimal time investment.

While the SpotOn GPS Fence is widely used and adored by many dog caretakers, there are a few things to keep in mind when considering it:

  • The designated perimeter must be over half an acre. A smaller space won’t work with the SpotOn technology.
  • The SpotOn GPS Fence does not use shock for correction. Instead, it uses canine-friendly tones, vibration, and optional static.
  • There is no correction when a dog returns to his designated space. This encourages him to return to the yard.
  • You can save multiple invisible fences to your phone, so if you frequently visit other places, you will already have those settings saved. Many use this function at parks, campgrounds, or the homes of relatives.
  • The SpotOn receiver collar provides real-time tracking if your dog escapes his virtual fence. Even though he won’t be within the designated perimeter, you can still see where he is located.

Dog caretakers enjoy SpotOn GPS Fence because of its efficient setup and training process. The ability to save multiple fences for different locations is also a big benefit to those who often travel with their dogs. Meanwhile, having precise GPS coordinates provides peace of mind if your dog escapes the designated fence perimeter.

If you are a dog caretaker who appreciates the latest in technological solutions, the SpotOn GPS Fence is an appropriate choice for you. Having the ability to safely secure your dog and track his whereabouts when he’s on the run is a benefit that not all devices possess.

Check out the best available pricing by visiting the official site

Halo Collar

invisible collarThe Halo wireless fence system provides a solution for several aspects of training. It can be utilized for invisible dog fences, as an activity tracker, a GPS wireless dog collar device, and a training dog collar. Having one device that can fulfill many tasks is a budget-conscious decision and an efficient way of caring for your dog.

Using the collar doesn’t require any type of Internet or Wi-Fi connection. You can also adapt the alerts to fit your dog’s learning style. The Halo Collar does not use a shock system to correct your dog, but instead uses different forms of static correction, vibrations, signals, or verbal commands.

All the features above provide busy people with ways to train their dogs without time-consuming programs and classes. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, many individuals lack the time for such things, and having a one-size-fits-all solution like the Halo Collar can be highly beneficial.

Additional features the Halo Collar offers include:

  • Whistle signal instead of correction measures to encourage dogs to return home.
  • Nighttime visibility lighting to help you see and monitor your dog after dark.
  • A waterproof collar you can use while your dog is swimming. With this functionality, you don’t have to worry about electrocution if your dog jumps into a lake or pool. The waterproof collar keeps him safe, even in water.
  • Flexible fit collars that can accommodate different sizes as your pup grows bigger and larger, and adjustable settings for the in-between times.
  • Real-time fence revisions that you can complete on the company’s mobile app, and the ability to save up to 20 different fence variations for use in other places.
  • Custom preferences for each dog through the Halo Collar mobile app. While some dogs may respond well to one signal, others will do better with another. Therefore, you can adjust based on your dog’s needs.

To introduce your dog to the Halo Collar, a simple four-step process helps her associate the different signals with the established boundaries and perimeters. You can also utilize indoor beacons to create safe zones within your home. This means the Halo Collar can be beneficial wherever you go, not just outdoors.

One of the most significant benefits of the Halo Collar system is that you can get support during set hours of the week through the company’s “Virtual Dog Park.” With this setup, you can share screenshots and chat with one of the company’s resident experts to troubleshoot and resolve any issues you are experiencing with the Halo Collar.

The Halo Collar system can be used for multiple purposes, which is refreshing to dog caretakers who don’t want to make separate purchases for various products. You can find more detailed Halo Collar reviews here.

Find the latest promotions from Halo by visiting their official site

PetSafe Wireless Fence System

best invisible dog fenceThe two invisible fence systems discussed above are primarily available through official company websites or designated third-party retailers. However, the PetSafe Wireless Fence System option is widely available through popular retail establishments. You can find it in most pet stores as well as Amazon, Walmart, and Bass Pro Shop. Lowe’s also carries the product and has videos on correctly utilizing the system and how to install it the right way.

In addition to being the most readily available solution for your invisible fence needs, it is also the most budget-friendly. While the PetSafe Wireless Fence System doesn’t have all the premium bells and whistles the others do, it is still highly rated among dog caretakers.

This system operates with an indoor transmitter placed on the main floor of your home. Once in place, you don’t have to worry about setting up barriers or designating off-limit areas. The boundary will automatically be created around the placement of the central hub. Once the hub powers on, you will have an automatic half-acre circular border around your home.

If the available half-acre coverage isn’t sufficient for your needs, you can purchase expansion kits to extend the size. In addition, the set contains 50 training flags to help your dogs discern where the perimeter is located.

Besides the included flags and hub, your purchase will also come with:

  • One training collar that will alert your dog when she is nearing the designated perimeter (you will need to purchase additional collars for extra dogs).
  • Test light to identify where the perimeter is located in order to efficiently train your dog on where the boundary is.
  • Portability that allows you to take the central hub to any location to create new fence systems, as long as your hub has access to electrical power.
  • Minimal setup time of one to two hours that requires no digging. With PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence’s innovative design, you will automatically create a new circular boundary in no time.

Everyone wants their dogs to be safe, but not everyone has the funds to spend on top-of-the-line equipment. The PetSafe brand offers invisible electric fences that many can afford and install without having to hire a company to do so.

A few things to keep in mind when considering a PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence:

  • It requires a collar battery, which you must replace routinely. These batteries (lithium metal) aren’t included with the purchase of the fencing system or additional collars.
  • You need to place the central hub where it will be near an electrical outlet, and on the first floor of your home. To create the circular barrier, the hub needs to have power access at all times, and it operates best when not located on high levels.
  • The system will be inoperable in a power outage, so you will need to make alternative arrangements for your dog’s outdoor safety during these times. Additionally, the fence system won’t operate appropriately without working batteries in the training collars, giving dogs the ability to escape over the boundary.

Even though the PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence doesn’t have the same level of premium features that the SpotOn GPS Fence and Halo Collar do, it has the necessary technology to keep your dog safe. What’s more, the ability to use the system in multiple places by just plugging in the central hub is a huge benefit to families who camp or travel with their dogs.

If you are looking for a basic invisible fence that doesn’t require a lot of effort for installation and training, then this option is one you should check out. The low-price tag, ease of use, and customizable features allow you to care for your dog and keep him secure.

You can click here to purchase the PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence

Invisible Dog Fence Alternatives

As previously mentioned, our thorough research of all invisible fence systems for dogs led us to a handful of options that we then personally tested. While not all made the cut for the top three products, they still deserve their place in this guide.

Extreme Dog Fence – Underground Dog Fence

Ultimately, the lack of wireless functionality led us to place this brand of underground fence in the runner-up position. Although the Extreme Dog Fence is highly rated and favored by dog caretakers everywhere, the in-ground installation is tedious. And to add on more space, you must purchase an extension kit and perform more digging for the underground installation.

A perk to the Extreme Dog Fence is that the price comes in under what you would pay for standard invisible fence installation. Therefore, if the extra steps of an in-ground buried wire aren’t a big deal to you, this could be a feasible option for your dog.

Pet Control HQ Wireless – Pet Containment System

While the price is right on this invisible fence for dogs, and the reviews are very positive, one critical component prevented us from placing the Pet Control HQ Wireless Pet Containment System among the top spots.

We found a lot of feedback about the battery life in the training collars, with many people stating that they have to replace the batteries more often than expected, leading to safety concerns.

Even though the battery life isn’t long in this model, the fact that it comes as a wireless solution is a plus. Additionally, having a shorter setup phase is always valuable, and wireless dog fences typically lend themselves to that.

PetSafe Yardmax Rechargeable Battery In-Ground System for Dogs

Even though another PetSafe model made it into our top three, the PetSafe Yardmax Rechargeable Battery In-Ground System lacked a few elements.

While we absolutely loved that the collar has a rechargeable battery and doesn’t depend on frequent battery changes, we didn’t like the fact that the system isn’t wireless and needs wires in the ground to work appropriately.

The PetSafe Yardmax Rechargeable Battery system comes in at under $200, making it an economical choice. Again, if taking the extra time needed to bury wires in the ground isn’t a hassle for you, then this highly-rated company and model will likely be an excellent fit for your needs.

Check out the latest pricing on the PetSafe Yardmax here


New technology is rolling out every day, impacting what is available on the market. Just a few years ago, it was impossible to find reasonably-priced wireless boundary options for invisible dog fences — now it’s standard. Previously, the only options were an underground electric dog fence setup with extensive in-ground digging and a high price tag, but the market has been revolutionized and we now have many different models of fence systems to choose from.

When deciding what style of invisible dog fence works best for your home and yard, analyze all the different features and compare them with your needs. Settling for one because of its cost or functionality may not be the best choice for your dog. Take the time to review the information above. Be sure to analyze your exact needs, including the terrain and dimensions of your yard. Additionally, consider your dog’s learning style, and see if the system accommodates his needs.

Considering any of the products we’ve mentioned? You can find our highly recommended product links below.

Spot-On GPS Fence – #1 Rated Dog Collar Fence

Halo Collar – Complete Training System (Best Value)

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