The Benefits of Bodywork for your Pet


Bodywork has been around for centuries and is an amazing tool to reduce pain, promote healing and lower stress levels in the body. It’s now become a part of many people’s regular routines to get massages, reiki, acupuncture or any of the other healing modalities under the umbrella of bodywork.

But did you know that bodywork can work wonders on your pet too?

What is bodywork?

According to, bodywork is when “a practitioner assesses the levels of Qi (energy), and whether that energy needs to be dispersed or amplified in the body.” By moving energy around in the body, it can help bring energy to areas that weren’t receiving enough before, or unlock stagnant energy that was causing tension or pain. Energy healing is an effective tool for humans and their pets and that’s why it can be a great skill to learn for when a doctor or a vet doesn’t have the answers to unexplained symptoms.

There are many forms of energy healing, so if one doesn’t work for you than there are a lot of other options to try. Bodywork includes massage, reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, reflexology, craniosacral therapy and much more. 

Bodywork and your pet

Have you been noticing your pet just isn’t as energetic or as active as they used to be? When your pet isn’t feeling their best physically, it can also impact them emotionally too leaving them feeling depressed or anxious.

Learning bodywork can bring your pets body and energy levels back into balance. Bodywork has many benefits for your pet like increased mobility, an improved immune system, a decrease in chronic pain, and lower stress levels. Bodywork methods like massage, can even help you build a stronger bond with your pet and make them more social!

Learn how to do bodywork on your pet

Learning just a few simple bodywork techniques can make all the difference for your pet. A great option if you want to gain in-depth knowledge about different bodywork methods for your pet is to take an online course. Holistic Animal Studies offers a variety of online bodywork courses for dogs, cats and horses. 

Holistic Animal Studies has non-certification courses for pet owners that are delivered in a fun way and you get to learn at your own pace. Discover the change in your pet through massage, reiki, myofascial massage, kinesiology taping and more. You can even take courses on animal nutrition and how to transition your pet to the right diet for them!

Learn more about the courses Holistic Animal Studies offers, and experience the benefits of bodywork today!

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