Sustainability in the Pet Industry

As we forge into the future, a focus on sustainability has become much more in the forefront of consumers’ minds. People are conscious of the environmental impact they are having, and consumers and businesses alike are placing an emphasis on buying from or partnering with eco-conscious brands. For animal lovers, that also means finding sustainable pet food.

At the rate industrialization and manufacturing are going, the practices of old aren’t sustainable for the environments we live within and the planet we live on. ZIWI, a New Zealand based pet food manufacturer, is very cognitive of this. They are doing their part to forge ahead in a way that can positively impact sustainable business operations and even habitat rehabilitation.

ZIWI Has Joined Forces with the Pet Sustainability Coalition

With ZIWI’s mission to provide “peace of mind to pet guardians around the world,” they have already taken many steps to take action, including:

  • Using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients in their recipes
  • Partnering with farmers and suppliers committed to free-range farming practices
  • Implementing sustainable practices in their new super-kitchen, Awatoto, in Napier, New Zealand

They are excited about the next step towards furthering their mission while becoming the best environmental stewards they can be by joining the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) as a Guardian level member.

With this membership in the PSC, ZIWI is guided by the coalition. They are committed to being informed, inspired, and accelerated in their sustainability journey. The PSC provides them with a wealth of resources to implement into their practices, alongside performance assessments and recommendations so they may chart their sustainability roadmap and visualize the progress they’re making.

The PSC embraces the vision of a thriving and collaborative pet industry that creates a positive impact for the communities and environments where members do business. Their mission is to advance business through profitable environmental and social practices. They hold their members and own team accountable to certain sustainable standards and promote continual improvements to be made as the industry evolves.

Sustainable Practices Are at the Core of ZIWI’s Approach to Business

ZIWI takes its environmental impact very seriously, and sustainability is the heart and soul of their new super-kitchen, Awatoto. This new kitchen features recycled and reclaimed wood furnishing, water collection systems to water and regrow nearby vegetation, and replanted native foliage to encourage repopulation of endangered birdlife, bees and insects. In addition, they have also added solar panels and innovative technology that cleans and purifies the air from the air dryers they use for their eco-friendly pet food, ensuring the air dryers are free from odors and contaminants.

This is just the start to a more sustainable future. In their effort to minimize their environmental impact, ZIWI is excited to partner with the PSC to help them along the way!

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