Make a Bold Best Friend Statement with Matching Initials for Mom and Pup

Pet tags are important to help identify your four-legged friend, but Dogily knows that pet tags can be more than just functional. Their luxury Bold Initial Best Friend Sets are giving a chic edge to the bond between dogs and their moms.

Go to any pet store and you’ll notice that just about every pet tag out there is pretty much the same. You know the ones: they’re flat, they’re dull, and they’re shaped like bones or paws.

But who says that pet tags all have to be the same? And why isn’t there something more stylish available so that fashionable moms can match their pups? Well, put down that boring old pet tag and get ready for a Dogily Bold Initial Best Friend Set!

Who Needs a Common Pet Tag When You and Your Pup Can Have Matching Initial Pendants?

A Bold Initial Best Friend Set includes a gold pendant that attaches to a dog’s collar and a gold pendant necklace for mom. Each pendant has mom’s or pup’s first initial, and they come in every letter of the alphabet. You know what that means—every mom and pup from Amy to Zeus can have an initial pendant of their very own!

And unlike traditional pet tags, a Bold Initial Best Friend Set lets you create a unique, twinning style with your four-legged bestie. The pendants help you build your best friend identity and express the strength of your furever bond.

Dependable Quality and Definitive Style

Another problem with traditional pet tags is the quality. You spend time picking out a tag and then spend money engraving it only to have it break and get lost a few months later. What pet parent hasn’t experienced that?

Dogily’s initial pendants are made from 18K PVD gold with a durable stainless steel base. Plus, the clasps for the necklace and collar are heavy-duty and durable, so you don’t have to worry about Fido’s initial pendant falling off when you’re playing fetch or out for a walk.

What’s more, the necklace is adjustable, so you can wear it at 16 or 18 inches depending on the statement you want to make. And speaking of statements, a Bold Initial Best Friend Set makes a distinct declaration. The pendants are between 17 and 30mm high and 10 and 16mm wide, so they’re a perfect balance between dainty and daring.

There’s No Better Gift for à la mode Moms and Mutts

The Bold Initial Best Friend Set is a perfect present for pups and parents. Whether you’re looking for the ideal gift for a special dog mom in your life or are a dog mom who wants to spoil your pooch, nothing makes a statement quite like the Bold Initial Best Friend Set.

Visit Dogily today to order a matching Bold Initial Best Friend Set for a dog or dog mom in your life.

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