Dogs and Cats Will Love You for Making This Simple Diet Change

Protein rotation is an excellent way to ensure your four-legged friends get all the nutrients and water they need. Nature’s Logic dog and cat foods make it easy to give your furry friend a varied and well-balanced diet that’ll never get boring!

Have you ever met somebody who eats the same meal, day in, day out? Can you imagine how boring that would be! But what about the food we feed our four-legged companions? Dogs and cats may not always get sick of eating the same thing every day, but their health can certainly benefit from regular protein rotation.

A rotational diet simply means you don’t feed your cat or dog the same protein source all the time. So instead of only ever giving your animal chicken, lamb, beef, duck, or fish, you switch the type of protein they get regularly. It’s that simple!

4 Benefits of Rotating Proteins for Dogs and Cats

1. Rotating Proteins Is the Way of the Wild

One major benefit of a rotation diet is that it more closely mimics how wild dogs and cats eat. They don’t always have access to the same types of proteins. Wild dogs and cats eat the proteins they can hunt or scavenge when they can get them. So protein rotation is more species-appropriate for dogs and cats.

2. A Varied Diet Is Nutritionally Complete

Foods are extremely complex, and each one contains a different balance of nutrients. So while your dog or cat could survive eating just one type of food forever, protein rotation provides a more well-rounded diet. Feeding your dog or cat multiple meats will give them a better blend of fats, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

3. A Rotation Diet Can Promote Digestive Health

The food your dog and cat eat impact their gut flora, the beneficial microbiota that help with digestion and immunity. Eating a variety of foods—including different proteins—regularly can promote healthy gut flora, which will in turn promote digestive and immune system health.

4. New Foods Can Add More Moisture to an Animal’s Diet

You might think that dogs and cats instinctively know how much water to drink, but that isn’t the case with every animal. Some dogs and cats don’t drink enough throughout the day. And you can imagine how difficult it would be to convince a four-legged friend to drink more water! Luckily, adding wet food to their diet can increase water intake and give you a chance to rotate proteins.

Rotating Proteins Made Easy!

The easiest way to do a rotation diet with your dog or cat is to find a high-quality, natural pet food brand like Nature’s Logic. Their pet foods contain protein from meat, fish, and poultry, as well as many other beneficial ingredients. Most people rotate proteins every week, every month, or with every new bag. Just make sure you introduce new foods gradually the first time to prevent upset stomachs.

Visit Nature’s Logic today to see how easy it is to start your dog or cat on a rotation diet.

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