The Importance of Thoughtful Sourcing for Dog Food Ingredients

Alaska Naturals offers pet parents safe, sustainable seafood dog food options, from a seafood company that has 50 years’ worth of experience.

Do you know the source of the ingredients in your dog’s dinner bowl? Why should you care about dog food ingredients and where they come from? Choosing just the right dog food, treats, and supplements, with thoughtfully sourced ingredients, from a brand you can trust, is more important than you think. Here’s why.

You already know that choosing the right food is essential for the health and well-being of your furry friend. There are various factors to consider when choosing your pup’s food. One aspect that often goes overlooked though? The source of those dog food ingredients.

Sourcing can make all the difference. Not only the quality, nutritional value, and safety of your dog’s food, but also to the world we live in.

Quality and Nutritional Value

It’s no secret that high-quality ingredients are essential for providing the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that support our dogs’ overall health and vitality. But did you know that sourcing can directly impact that quality?

Take Alaska Naturals® Wild Alaska Salmon Oil Formula and Wild Alaska Pollock Oil food toppers for dogs. When you add these to your dog’s dinner bowl you are adding a fresh fish taste that dogs love, thereby enticing picky eaters to gobble up every last morsel, and thus benefit from all the nutrients in their dinner. More than this though, you are adding a fish oil supplement which:

  1. Uses Alaska Pollock and Alaska Salmon that is 100% wild and sustainably caught in the pristine Alaskan waters;
  2. Is made with minimal ingredients – just two ingredients for the Alaska pollock oil and three for the salmon oil formula;
  3. Is recognized by the FDA as safe to consume without limits due to extremely low levels of mercury or other contaminants;
  4. Contains no artificial colors, flavors or additives;
  5. Contains EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids, supporting brain, skin and coat health.

Transparency and Trust

Thoughtful ingredient sourcing also encourages transparency and accountability within the pet food industry. When companies are clear about:

  • where their ingredients come from,
  • how they obtained them, and
  • the standards they adhere to,

pet owners are empowered to make informed, thoughtful decisions themselves.

As part of the Trident Seafoods family of brands, celebrating 50 years of commitment to sustainable, wild Alaska seafood this year, Alaska Naturals offers pet parents safe, sustainable seafood dog food options, from a seafood company that has 50 years’ worth of experience.

Sustainable Sourcing Practices

Supporting companies that prioritize sustainable sourcing practices also helps you play your part in minimizing the environmental impact of pet food production. Alaska Naturals uses 100% wild and sustainably caught Alaska Pollock and Salmon in their fish oil supplements, pollock jerky, and salmon skin treats. Thus giving pet parents a dog food option that is responsibly harvested from a sustainable resource.

When you add Alaska Naturals® genuine wild Alaska seafood options to your dog’s bowl, you are adding more than just deliciousness to their diet. You are adding thought, care, and a commitment to better health for our dogs, and better health for our planet.

Alaska Naturals sources 100% wild caught Alaska Salmon and Pollock straight from the wild waters of Alaska for their dog food products

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