A natural and effective solution for smelly dogs and cats

A natural and effective solution for smelly dogs and cats

Is your dog smelly? Fortunately, there’s a natural, effective solution you can try. 

Skin health is a top priority for pet parents who want their animal companions to look and smell good. The odor our “furry friends” give off may bother us, but solutions exist!

The reasons behind odor can include:

  • The accumulation of dirt
  • An excessive secretion of sebum, the greasy substance essential to protecting the coat
  • The presence of bacteria and yeast on the skin and coat

Does my animal companion just need a good bath?

Regular bathing with an appropriate shampoo will do the trick, by cleansing the skin and coat, and thus eliminating dirt and bad odors.

If you’re short on time or unable to bathe your dog or cat, alternatives such as rinse-free cleansing foams can be very practical.

Could the culprit be seborrhea? 

Just like humans, animals can suffer from seborrhea. When produced in excess, sebum can not only make the skin look greasy but can also cause unpleasant odors.

Certain breeds of dog are more prone to this disorder than others, including German shepherds, Basset hounds, Dobermans, Labradors, and Newfoundlands.

When the skin microbiota is disrupted

Sometimes, a malodorous coat is caused by an imbalance of the skin’s microbial flora.

Not all bacteria are harmful. Far from it! The microbiota found on your animal’s skin contains a vast number of microorganisms that all live together in perfect harmony. However, when a colony of pathogenic bacteria multiplies abnormally, the flora become unbalanced, inducing skin disorders and bad odors.

Against bad odors, there are solutions!

Trying to camouflage bad odors with something sweet-smelling is pointless. It would be uncomfortable for your animal, and wouldn’t address the source of the issue.

Good hygiene with adapted products is key!

Natural ingredients such as essential oils, when used properly, can be a great help in regulating overly active sebaceous glands and redressing imbalances of skin microbiota.

Of course, it is always advisable to consult your veterinarian, since bad odors can sometimes be a sign of more severe skin disorders (skin infections, hormonal disorders, etc.) that need to be identified and addressed as early as possible.

Practical solutions to eliminate bad odors

Applying an efficient and practical skincare product such as Essential 6® spot-on (Dermoscent®) can be a good idea. Made of natural ingredients, including plant-extracted essential fatty acids (Omega-6 and Omega-3) and a synergy of well-dosed essential oils, Essential 6® spot-on hydrates, helps reduce dandruff and bad odors, helps regulate sebum levels, and enhances coat shine. Weekly use of this spot-on also extends the time between shampoos!

Can’t shampoo your dog or cat? Essential Mousse® is another solution of choice as there is no need to rinse. It cleanses and deodorizes while moisturizing the skin.


1Rodrigues Hoffmann A. et al. Novel association of Psychrobacter and Pseudomonas with malodour in bloodhound dogs, and the effects of a topical product composed of essential oils and plant-derived essential fatty acids […]” Veterinary Dermatology (Dec. 2018); 29(6) p.465-475. Short Communication NAVDF 2018 in Hawaii.


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