How gemmotherapy helps keep animals healthy in a toxic world

How gemmotherapy helps keep animals healthy in a toxic world

More and more toxins are polluting our environment, leading to bodily stress and disease in our dogs and cats. Gemmotherapy is an excellent way to help combat these effects.

A growing number of dog and cat parents are concerned about the detrimental effects our toxic world is having on their four-legged companions. If you’re one of them, you might want to consider gemmotherapy as an effective way to support your best friend’s health and well-being.

What is gemmotherapy and how does it work?

Preliminary research on using plant buds therapeutically was begun by Dr. Pol Henry in the 1950s. After extensive clinical research on immature plant materials, Max Tetau, MD, introduced the gemmotherapy technique in 1971. The main principle behind this technique is drainage and detoxification of the organism at the cellular level so the body can truly heal itself.

In gemmotherapy, the buds or young shoots of immature plants are macerated and extracted with glycerin for 21 days, then made into a 1X potency. These extracts are high in growth factors, which contain phyto-hormones called auxins and gibberellins. These active ingredients are present in the buds of plants, but begin to disappear as the plant matures. Auxins have a fetal hormonal action, while gibberellins stimulate RNA and protein synthesis.

Gemmotherapies that are helpful for dogs and cats

Gemmotherapy Uses Dosage
Mountain Pine Excellent for any problems related to the spine. Will strengthen and detox the spine. For many small joint-related problems. I have used it for disc-related paralysis, spinal trauma, spondylosis, degenerative myelopathy, degenerative arthritis and chronic back pain. 1-4 times per day
Wild Woodvine For any joint-related problem, such as hip dysplasia, anterior cruciate ruptures, sprains/strains, degenerative arthritis, cartilage damage, etc. 1-4 times per day
Common Juniper For liver-related problems. Helpful for hepatic insufficiency with markedly disturbed laboratory tests. The remedy for a very deficient liver in decompensation phase with jaundice, cirrhosis etc. Once per day for six weeks, then once per week thereafter for rest of animal’s life
Lime Tree For any neurological diseases. I use it for behavior conditions; very effective in calming the nervous system so the animal can act instead of react. Excellent remedy for epilepsy, rabies miasms, vaccine-related neurological disease, ADHD and phobias. 1-4 times per day as needed
European Hawthorne For cardiac-related disease. Regulates slow cardiac movement, and increases myocardial tone, particularly in the left side of the heart. Has a sedative effect on all pericardial pain. Indicated in cardiac insufficiency and associated symptoms, cardiac spasms, tachycardias, cardiomyopahty and arrhythmias. 2 times per day, depending on animal’s needs
Black Currant Detoxes and strengthens the adrenal glands. Excellent substitute for cortisone, antihistamines or anti-inflammatories. Very helpful in pruritis cases to help manage itching while detoxing and balancing the immune system. 1-4 times per day for any allergic condition
Bloodtwig Dogberry For any thyroid-related problem, e.g. hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and cancers of the thyroid gland. Excellent adjunct therapy for helping detox and strengthen thyroid gland. 2 times per day
Giant Redwood For weakness of anything below the waist. For urinary incontinence, paraparesis and paralysis of rear limbs. I have had several prostatitis cases respond immediately to Giant Redwood with no further problems. 2 times per day
Rowan Tree Drainer for the ears, nose and throat. Assists body in clearing toxins that may be blocking the efforts of the body to heal in these areas. For hearing loss, chronic otitis, nasal discharge, tonsillitis and chronic choking conditions. 2 times per day or as needed for choking
Fig Tree Incredible for any GI-related illness, e.g. IBD, colitis, acute or chronic diarrhea, vomiting. Once per meal or as needed for vomiting and diarrhea
European Oak Helps balance adrenal gland and male hormones. I use it in neutered males to help establish a better hormonal balance secondary to castration. Excellent for deficient adrenal glands and can help in Addison’s disease. Strengthens the mucosa in periodontal disease. 2 times per day
European Walnut Drainer and support for the pancreas. 2 drops per day in cats;
5 drops per day in dogs
Common Birch Called the Universal Drainer because it helps all systems drain more efficiently. Excellent for hip joint issues and ideal complement to any other gemmotherapies. Helps with overall drainage and inflammatory processes. 2 drops per day in cats;
5 drops per day in dogs
Rosemary Detoxes the gallbladder and liver; good for mental clarity. 2 drops per day in cats;
5 drops per day in dogs
Briar Rose For any nasal issues, such as sneezing, sinus infections, inflammation of the nasal mucosa, colds and bloody noses. 2 drops per day in cats;
5 drops per day in dogs
European Hornbeam Excellent for laryngeal paralysis, congestion, laryngitis, choking, aphonia, etc. 2 drops per day in cats;
5 drops per day in dogs
Wineberry Maintains female hormones and metabolism. 2 drops per day in cats;
5 drops per day in dogs
Tamarisk Helps build up red blood cells and platelets. 2 drops per day in cats;
5 drops per day in dogs
Silver Birch For failing kidneys and bladder issues, to be used in conjunction with Common Juniper. 2 drops per day in cats;
5 drops per day in dogs


Using gemmotherapy to combat toxic states

Vaccinations, drugs and petrochemicals are rampant in our society and environment. These toxins can block cell replication, without which we see organ failure and disease processes in ourselves and our animals. I have used classical homeopathy, acupuncture, glandular therapy and other modalities for over 35 years, and in many cases my patients were not progressing no matter what I tried. There was a factor that none of my modalities was remedying. It wasn’t until I discovered gemmotherapy that I was able to help these cases. Gemmotherapy is not a cure-all, of course, but it is another tool that can beautifully complement any modality you are presently using for your dog or cat, including surgery and conventional pharmaceuticals.

There are 60 plants utilized in the system of gemmotherapy I use from Boiron.* Each of these plant extracts has very specific actions on any living organism. After evaluating each patient individually and assessing where his toxic state is present, I select one to eight gemmotherapies and have the animal parent administer them one to four times per day depending on their particular needs and responses to treatment.

Each gemmotherapy is specific for detoxing and strengthening a particular organ system that needs drainage and support. The dog or cat may get worse before he gets better (called a healing response); if this should happen I stop the remedy and wait until the animal is stable before beginning it again. What’s happening here is that the body is responding to the medicine; the animal will feel better once the toxins are flushed from his body.

I keep my canine and feline patients on a daily routine until there are no clinical symptoms of the disease, and then I put them on a maintenance dose of once per week from then on. This helps prevent further pathology from developing. My feeling is that the areas of the body most impacted by the environment need continued support to prevent the toxins from building up again. The fact that most toxins impact the gastrointestinal track, nervous system, liver and kidneys makes these prime areas in which to concentrate drainage treatment and prevention. I instruct animal parents to go back to daily doses if their dogs or cats should relapse during the course of the healing process.

Before using gemmotherapy on your animal, it’s best to learn more about this therapy than what a single article can cover.* The judicious utilization of gemmotherapy will help your dog or cat improve more rapidly and stay healthier when challenged with the toxicity of our modern world.

*Boiron gemmotherapy remedies are marketed for human use, which means their product labels show human dosages only. Drawing on his own experience, Dr. Blake has adjusted these dosages for dogs and cats. To learn more about gemmotherapy and related products, visit Dr. Blake has also written a book called Gemmotherapy For Our Animal Friends, available through Amazon.

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