What does it take to make the best pee pad on the planet?

What does it take to make the best pee pad on the planet?

Ever wonder what it takes to make the most effective, eco-friendly pee pad available? Here’s how WizSmart has turned years of experience into a premium product.

What does it take to make the best pee pad on the planet?

Years of market research, innovative thinking and experimenting – that’s what! With a focus on sustainability and social responsibility, WizSmart repurposes unused baby diapers as raw material for their dog pads. The result? A unique formula and exclusive blend of materials that come together for an all-in-one premium product like no other.

Leak proof

Traditional dog pads leak around the edges, rendering them useless. With the addition of lateral barriers and sealed edges to stop leaking in its tracks, WizSmart pads have become the leak-proof solution pet parents were seeking to keep their floors clean and dry.

Most absorbent

Why not make a pad that behaves like a high-end diaper? This “aha!” realization led to the creation of WizSmart’s unique blend of materials — a mix of virgin fibers and material from unused, reclaimed baby diapers that achieves superior absorption and fast drying.


More than 120 million unused diapers are saved from landfills each year thanks to WizSmart’s innovative pee pad design. Recently, they added Eucapet to their blend – an absorbent material made from eucalyptus trees grown by companies committed to Certified Responsible Forestry. The renewal cycle for eucalyptus trees is around 6-7 years, making Eucapet one of the most sustainable fibers.

Odor control

A pee pad that doesn’t stink? Really?

Really. Because WizSmart pads absorb liquids so quickly, they’re able to better trap and eliminate unpleasant aromas. Finally, a clean option that doesn’t interfere with the comfort and cleanliness of your home – or your pet!

Stay put tabs

Another common problem with most pee pads is that they don’t stay put! They slip and slide, resulting in injury and mess. After much research into adhesive types and where to position them under the pad, WizSmart devised their patented “Stay Put Tabs” – an extremely effective adhesive that secures the pad to the floor.

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