Biologically-appropriate raw diets are the cornerstone of Northwest Naturals

Biologically-appropriate raw diets are the cornerstone of Northwest Naturals

Backed by over 60 years of experience in meat processing, along with a dedication to high quality and pet health, this company’s raw diets and treats for dogs and cats more than make the cut.

Raw diets increase energy, improve digestion, promote skin and coat health, clean teeth, and help prevent obesity in dogs and cats. With such a long list of benefits, it’s no wonder more people are going the raw route for their animals. Evolving alongside this trend is Northwest Naturals, a raw frozen pet food company located in Portland, Oregon. Established and owned by Morasch Meats, a family-run business that’s been around since 1956, Northwest Naturals knows a thing or two about making high quality raw pet foods.

With a mission to provide wholesome easy-to-feed diets based on biologically appropriate raw principles, the company boasts a variety of raw products for various dog and cat needs and individual preferences. The diets are made from high quality meats and locally-sourced fruits and vegetables, and range from multiple raw recipes available in nuggets, dinner bars, chubs, and freeze-dried forms, to single ingredient treats for both cats and dogs. Their cat recipes comprise a true carnivore diet, made with 98% meat to meet the biological requirements of these obligate carnivores. Thanks to consumer demand, the company’s latest product is a 15lb bulk case of NWN Nuggets that comes in all recipes, and is aimed at large dog or multi-dog families.

Northwest Naturals prides itself on the quality and nutritional value of its diets. “There are so many pet foods being manufactured without food safety guidelines, and with poor quality ingredients and lack of regulations,” says Patti Salladay, salesperson and marketer for the company. In addition, the processing of commercial pet foods means many nutrients are stripped from the ingredients during manufacturing; Northwest Naturals addresses this problem by using minimal processing to ensure the highest possible nutritional values. For example, they chop their ingredients using only one grinding process to make sure protein cells are not crushed and overworked.

Along with their dedication to quality, the company is also focused on the well-being of animals in the community, no matter what breed or lifestyle. They’re actively involved in local events in support of emergency vet clinics, as well as various canine and feline organizations across the country. “We help provide assistance for west coast police K-9 units and service dogs for wounded warriors,” adds Patti.

Northwest Naturals brings raw food and a passion for dog and cat health into perfect harmony. So when asked what she loves most about what she does every day, Patti’s answer is clear: “The most enjoyable part is talking with consumers and learning about the positive difference our products have made on the overall well-being and the quality of their pets’ lives.”

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